Certificate Reciprocity

Does anyone know where I can find where different states' certificates will work. I'm a 23yo with an Illinois Type 03 (K-9) certificate with a Special Ed minor. Contrary to popular opinion from former teachers and principals, I wasn't able to find a job or get more than four offers. I'm seriously considering moving to another state if the job is available. I want to see what states my certification will work in or would work in with a class or test. Anyone know where I can find this info?


There are links on MenTeach that answer that question:

Find and Keep a Job as a Teacher

And then go to Teacher World.

At some point you'll need to talk to each Department of Education at the state you are interested. It can be a very tedious process - don't give up - it'll be worth it.

Keep in touch and let us know what you figure out.



One of my professional roles is co-chair of the NY Standards and Practices Board for Teaching. From that vantage point I can tell you that Bryan is quite right to counsel that you should touch base with the department of education in each state that holds some interest for you. Many states have arrangements whereby you can hold a teaching job while you make up any deficits in their certificaztion requirements. For example, Illinois has such a policy (I believe). Although it appears that your state has no reciprocity agreements with other states (from what I could discern), don't let that keep you from reaching out. The perfect position is waiting for you somewhere. Best of luck!

Eric Gidseg, Ph.D.
Kindergarten Teacher
Pleasant Valley, NY