Gender Bias as a dissertation

I am working on my research study for my dissertation and need some help nailing down the exact research questions and the appropriate angles to approach it.

In a nut shell, I want to examine if university professors and/or others who observe male student teachers show any unfair bias based on gender. I have proposed a study with a written scenario about a student teaching observation.

Two versions would be used: one with a male student teacher, and one with a female student teacher. Then i would ask the participants to rate the teacher on various levels of appropriateness. I would examine the data to see if there was a significant difference in the evaluations based on the fictitional student teacher's gender.

Bryan, if you are reading this, I discussed it briefly at the conference in Atlanta (by the way; where's the DVD I ordered?).

I would appreciate if you and I could talk via phone one evening.

ant to pick your brain a little.



Hi, Merritt (and others),

Sorry I haven't replied sooner, it's been quite busy here at MenTeach. I'd love to talk with you more about your research. I've sent an e-mail that hopefully you received.

Will you be in Chicago at the NAEYC conference?


P.S. Which DVD did you order?