gender diversity in early education and care in Massachusetts and beyond

I've read that the UK has laws which call for gender diversity in the workforce. I'm working in Massachusetts (for the time being) hoping that the state I call home will develop similar policies about creating a balance in the EEC workforce. I'd like to hear from others about what their state/country/continent have or don't have in place. I doubt that I'll be in Honolulu in May, but I think this might be a good way for those of us not attending to contribute to the work.

Rhode Island, Men in early childhood edu.

I have my degree and am certified in early childhood education. I too would like to find out what Rhode Island has in place for men in education and wondered if anyone knew who I should ask. This is my second year as a sub and I am feeling strongly discriminated against because I'm male. I often get jobs in the upper grades and rarely in k-2. Those jobs are typically given to newly graduated young women by women teachers. I've being kept out of the loop and I'm very tired of it.

New England men in early care

Kitt Cox
Gloucester, Massachusetts, US

Thanks for your reply. As a matter of fact, we've been looking for a voice (or many voices) from around New England to discuss and act on improving gender balance in the education of young children.

We've ("we" being a handful of us, but a growing handful) especially have hoped to hear from Rhode Island. I was unsuccessful in attempts to establish a contact with the state's Head Start organization.

We've have a number of New England-based events coming up in year, and there is also a very positive new initiative coming from the Schott Fellowship, located in Cambridge, MA.

Please email me at and let's continue this discussion. Kitt