Hiring Practices of the Chicago Public Schools

I am extremely concerned about the hiring practices for the CPS (Chicago Public Schools).

I wonder if there are bias hiring practices when pertaining to gender, politics e.g. Nepotism & cronyism. They say that there is a shortage of male teachers in particular black male teachers. Hence, I am an African American Male.

I have recently obtained my Masters Degree in Elementary Education and am currently certified with a Type 03 teaching certificate. Nevertheless, the CPS job market seems to just turn me away saying that I do not have enough experience or a math & science endorsement which, by the way can be obtained by taking the necessary classes that the CPS will pay for upon being hired as a full-time teacher.

How can I gain the necessary experience if no one will hire me. I am not discouraged or deterred, but I am frustrated. I need to know what can be done about this.

Thank you.

Discrimination against male teachers

Guys, The Teaching Industry is a closed industry and men are not
wanted. They cannot come out and say it but when men don't get
interviewed they do not get hired...especially elementary.
I suggest you do the following: GIVE UP.
The NEA has no plans to do anything.
The AFT has no plans to do anything.
The US office of Education WAS called on to do something and they did
That's it. Period. There is nothing we can do.

Giving up

I'm certainly glad Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr., and now Barack Obama did not give up.

Besides, I'm having too much fun spending time with children to give up on them and their future.


Same old story

They just want to hire a female teacher...that's all...discrimination in hiring against men.

That was such a bogus excuse - it's pathetic.

Unfortunately, this forum is afraid to address this issue.

They have plenty of qualified women and just don't care about hiring you.

I taught in Chicago from 1969 to 1973 in Elementary. I was at Atgeld Elementary on the West Side near Pulaski and Madison and a school at 79th and Jeffery. This was during the Vietnam
War and there was a big shortage of teachers plus if you were male and agreed to teach in the "inner city" you could get a draft deferrment and avoid military service. Atgeld had about 35% male elementary teachers....most all there to avoid the draft.

The NEA does not care about how you are treated nor does the Union and I must tell you
I would look for a new job....how about selling text books to schools?????

Contact Mondo Publishing...NYC...they make great elementary library books for the classroom
that are NON-fiction and boys love them.

Good Luck ....many give political lip service to hiring men but they hire women, time and time and time and time and time again.

You must not have read through the forum

Hi, Palmharbor,

Thanks for posting your comment. However, you must not have read through the forum before you posted you comment:

"Unfortunately this forum is afraid to address this issue."


Also - do a search and you'll find more about the challenges and discrimination some men face. Not all - but - some.

Good luck.