How do men impact the classroom environment?

Hi all!
First time post, and pretty new to MenTeach.

I was presented with the task of addressing this question for an upcoming conference of Reggio Emilia inspired schools in the Seattle area. And I thought it'd be worth asking you all what you think. And really, this is a generalized question, here is the specific info on my upcoming talk: Environmental Design: A male perspective on provocations and impact on space.
-Do men think of the classroom environment differently than their female colleagues?
-How do men impact the classroom environment (both in presence and design)?
-Strategies to recruit more men into ECE

The last topic of recruitment may not really have to do with the overall talk, but it inevitably always comes up!

I hope this finds you all well and with time to respond!

Nick Terrones
Hilltop Children's Center Seattle, Wa
Raindrop Room--2 year olds