Seeking Comments for My Article


I’m writing an article for Earlychildhood NEWS, a monthly magazine for parents and teachers of young children (infants to age 8). The article is about male teachers in the early childhood classroom. I'm having a great deal of trouble finding teachers to interview and would appreciate some comments from anyone that was willing. Many articles deal with the statistics of male teachers in the classroom, but I'm looking for a bit more info on personal experiences.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you all.

Kitt Cox Gloucester,

Kitt Cox
Gloucester, Massachusetts, US
Hi Dave,
I've been in the early education and family support field for quite awhile. I'm currently working to provide support and education to families with children 0 through three years old ( . I'm also serving as a mentor to a group Schott Fellowship fellows studying the roles of males in early education ( . I addition to that, I'm an active member of the Children's Music Network, where you can find many male musician-educators (including Pete Seeger) working with young kids ( ).

What particular aspect of teaching are you researching? I'd be glad to contribute if you wish.


Mr. Kitt Cox
Program Coordinator
Birth To Three Family Center
Massachusetts Family Network