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Children Full of Life

Mr. Kanamori, a teacher of a 4th grade class, teaches his students not only how to be students, but how to live. He gives them lessons on teamwork, community, the importance of openness, how to cope, and the harm caused by bullying. FREE Watch movie.


The story follows a young teacher (Jon Voight) in 1969 assigned to isolated Yamacraw Island off the coast of South Carolina populated mostly by poor black families. He finds out that the children as well as the adults have been isolated from the rest of the world and speak a dialect called Gullah and "Conrack" is their way of saying his name "Conroy."

The school is a two room school with the Principal (Madge Sinclair) teaching grades one through four and Conrack teaching the higher grades.

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Expect Male Involvement: Recruiting and Retaining Men in Early Childhood Education (2009)

Children need positive male role models to learn about gender identity and balance. They also need exposure to both men and women to learn how they work together and enhance each other's skills.

This video explores the positive benefits of having men in your early childhood program. Watch it to learn why men choose early childhood education as a career, best practices for recruitment and retention, and the significance of men in young chidlren's lives. Order here Today!

Half Nelson (2006)

Ryan Gosling is a young inner-city teacher whose ideals wither and die in the face of reality. Day after day in his shabby Brooklyn classroom, he somehow finds the energy to inspire his 13 and 14-year-olds to examine everything from civil rights to the Civil War with a new enthusiasm. Dan teaches his students how change works ' on both a historical and personal scale ' and how to think for themselves. His disappointments and disillusionment, however, have led to a serious drug habit. One of his students finds out and what happens makes the movie grow more interesting.

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Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)

Sam Wood's Goodbye Mr. Chips is a deeply stirring work starring Robert Donat as the old schoolmaster who looks back upon his life. Told mostly in flashbacks, the film wraps itself around a history of an older England as seen through the generations of boys who pass through Mr. Chips's classroom. Greer Garson is her usual classy, sexy-intelligent self as Donat's wife, their earlier courtship one of the film's highlights.

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School of Rock (2003)

Jack Black plays a guitarist who gets kicked out of a band because he grandstands too much - or, to put it another way, enjoys himself. Through an intercepted phone call, he gets a job as a substitute teacher for fifth grade at a private school. Neither students nor teacher quite know what to do with each other until Finn discovers that some of his young charges can play instruments; at once he starts turning them into a great rock & roll troupe that can crush his former band at an upcoming competition.

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Chalk (2007)

Using his high school teaching experience as impetus, director Mike Akel made Chalk to encourage school reform through enlightening viewers to the challenges teachers face. This comedic mockumentary capitalizes on four teachers' frustrations during the course of their school semester, by interviewing them individually as well as placing them together in scenes depicting faculty meetings, school spelling bees, and happy hours at a local bar.

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Au Revoir Les Enfants (1987)


During WWII, in a Catholic boarding school in the French countryside, two boys become friends. One is a French boy, Julien Quintin, and the other is a Jewish boy, Jean Bonnet, who is being hidden from the Nazis by the friars who run the school. Louis Malle directed this film based on what actually happened when he was at a boarding school himself during the war.

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The Chorus (Les Choristes) (2004)

When he takes a job teaching music at a school for troubled boys, Clément Mathieu is unprepared for its harsh discipline and depressing atmosphere. But with passion and unconventional teaching methods, he's able to spark his students' interest in music and bring them a newfound joy. It also puts him at odds with the school's overbearing headmaster, however, locking Mathieu in a battle between politics and the determination to change his pupils' lives.

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Welcome Back, Kotter - The Complete First Season (1975)

Gabe Kotter is a high-school teacher with a bunch of unruly students in his class. The student troublemakers are led by Vinnie Barbarino, who has a knack for rhyming insults.

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