Research: Why female teachers predominate in France

by Letizia Orlandi - West

In France, male teachers are disappearing, especially in kindergartens and primary schools, where they now make up less than 18%. The percentage of male teachers is slightly higher in junior and high schools. This has been a trend for at least 60 years and at national level, only 30.8% of staff in public education are male. Why do men allow women to dominate teaching? asks Dares, which publishes the data?

The answer is simple: the disappearance of men is directly proportional to the decrease of the social prestige of the figure of the teacher. Starvation wages, when compared to those of other state employees, a lack of career progression and low social status, seem to be the reasons that make men reject this profession. Not to mention the tradition that teaching is perhaps one of the few occupations that allows females to successfully combine life and work. However, male dominance magically reappears in universities, along with prestige and high salaries. Suffice to say that only 36.6% of the researchers are female.

Download the research report (in French)

December 17, 2013

Schools in Aix-en-Provence, Fr

I visited two schools in Aix and found one school had one teacher to teach English to the French Children and he was American. The other school had no men and the principal spoke no english and none was was a high school.
France lives in the past and resists any kind of change. The only European nation that has a language police...that demand all cable channels dub in French in all movies. Only is Aljeriza, CNBC and BBC is in english as it is in real time.
The school next to where I was staying was in a building was probably over 120 years old or more. The school day starts a 8:30 and ends about 5pm. The children dress up for school but do not wear uniforms in Catholic schools but no one looks like a slob...the schools are all white. The students were friendly and drugs and violence are unknown.
Teachers actually get to teach instead of dealing with behavior record of teachers shot on the job. SEVEN teachers in the US have been shot on the job so far this school year, the last in L.A. HighSchool last week.