Story about a man teaching in New Zealand

by Adam Buckingham - New Zealand
"I emphasise what you can do with technology and science, how you can bring your interests to the job and stress how we work in a teaching environment as well as a nurturing one." Adam was a truck driver for many years before a work place accident left him needing to seek a new career. "I was very sick for a long time and it made me reflect on my life and what I wanted out of it," he remembers.

Using the pronoun "he" for teacher

Frances Carlson - Chattahoochee Technical College - GA - USA
I have a male student in a curriculum development class. One of the class assignments was to evaluate a child's portfolio. The child was identified as "Chase" but no teacher name or identity was given.

I was just reading this male's student's evaluation, and throughout his narrative, he referred to the teacher as "he." I've never had this happen! Female students always refer to the teacher as "she" and every male student I've ever had has referred to the teacher as "she." This is a break-through!

New Research - Male Elementary Teachers: Myths and Realities

by Robert Bonner
I have completed a doctoral dissertation entitled Male Elementary Teachers: Myths and Realities. It will be available from Proquest/UMI in the next two or three months. If you want more information, please feel free to contact me.

You can read the Abstract in the FORUM.

Always Dreamed of Being a Teacher

by Dan Sakowski
I came across your website as I was researching how to start my new "second" career in life and that is to FINALLY become an elementary school teacher.

I've always wanted to teach. I've spent my entire adult career teaching adults as a corporate trainer for some large companies in the U.S. and internationally as well.

Kohanga reo [New Zealand Maori Schools] show way in bringing men back

by Jarrod Booker
Maori are showing how New Zealand can improve its dire shortage of male teachers in early childhood education, says a world authority.

Less than 1 per cent of New Zealand's teachers in early childcare centres are men, one of the lowest rates in the world, says Jan Peeters, co-ordinator of the Resource and Training Centre for Child Care at Belgium's University of Ghent.
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