Male Teachers in Short Supply - Does it Matter?

by Christopher Quirk - Gilroy Dispatch - Gilroy, CA, USA
In a city where many households are without male role models, children are also facing a lack of male leadership in the classroom, as only one in four district teachers are male.The ratio is even more skewed at the elementary level, with some schools having only one or two male teachers on a staff of 20 or more educators.

'Paedophile hysteria' is putting men off teaching says Boris Johnson
Men are being scared away from joining the teaching profession by a wave of "paedophile hysteria", a leading Tory has warned.

Boris Johnson said school staffrooms are increasingly dominated by female teachers because men are afraid of attracting false child abuse allegations.

He spoke out after figures revealed women now outnumber men by 13 to one in primary schools - which have been worst-hit by the male recruitment slump.

Making a difference - Male teachers, though scarce, offer unique perspective

by Angela Mettler - American News Writer - Aberdeen, ND USA
If you're a man majoring in elementary education at Northern State University, you're not alone - but you're definitely in the minority.

NSU seniors Craig Nelson and Basil Knebel said they each had about two other men in some of their education courses.

Knebel, an early childhood education minor, said he was often the only man in his early childhood education courses. Dan Swenson, an elementary and special education major at NSU, said the same about his special education courses.

Website in Norway

Hi folks,

In 1993 - together with some kindergarten teacher-friends of mine - we did set up a website:

Men In Childcare (menn i barnehagen).

For many years we were pretty much alone in our field in Europe. Eventually a similar site emerged - in New Zealand - and then in Scotland.

Sadly - The MIBNETT site is no longer working - and I was pleased to find this site!

Hopefully I will be able to provide this site with ideas from my side of the globe - Norway.


PBS television show "Man in a Child's Life"

Hello Everyone,

My name is Moises Roman, I work for the PBS affiliate in Los Angeles, KCET.  We are working on two shows for PBS that are a talk show format with an activity segment at the end related to the topic of the day.  This is a daily show that is aimed at informal providers that are at home with young children. The shows are called "A Place of Our Own" and "Los Ninos en Su Casa" the Spanish Version. 
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