February, 2011

Gaming to re-engage boys in learning

MenTeach: There's a site that shows interesting talks called TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. Here's a link to a talk about boys. We include it on MenTeach.org because the lecturer mentions the need for more male teachers. Thanks to MenTeach member Kitt Cox for sending the link! Enjoy!

Male Teachers Get Top Marks: Children have a better perception of male teachers

by Zoe McKay - Business.In.com
In today's world, as taxpayers everywhere are concerned over paying for schools, it comes as a shock to see that, according to new findings by Amine Ouazad, an Assistant Professor of Economics and Political Science at INSEAD, one of the most effective ways to get students to listen and work hard is to put a male teacher at the front of the classroom.

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Male teachers in Mississippi elementary schools

by Melikssa M. Scallan - SunHerald
When Adrian Dodson took a job at Pass Road Elementary teaching physical education, he wasn't sure he would like it. He had been teaching and coaching at middle and high schools for two years and wasn't used to younger students.

Now, nine years later, he wouldn't work anywhere but an elementary school.

Men in childcare groove in Australia

Aspley Early Learning Centre director Susie Bell has been overseeing some innovative staffing since arriving in October.

The centre has two male staff members, Brian Bugden and Tristan Bell-Blissner, who are proving a big hit with the children.

Ms Bell said having male staff was unusual for the childcare sector but she said it had become a selling point at Aspley, which caters for more than 100 families.

Teacher list discriminates against men

By George Psyllides - Cyprus, Greece
The Supreme Court has ruled that the procedure of appointing state teachers is unconstitutional as male candidates are treated unfairly.

The decision came after an appeal by a physical education teacher who claimed male candidates were at a disadvantage under the current first-come first-served system since they had to do two years of army service.

This gives women, who do not have to do the army, a two-year head start, the teacher said.

Spike Lee: Black Male Teachers Needed to Teach

By Elizabeth Prann - FoxNews.com
More black men need to teach -- that from filmmaker Spike Lee during a speech with Education Secretary Arne Duncan at Morehouse College in Atlanta this week.

"We have more young black people in prison than enrolled in colleges and universities. That's a frightening number," Lee said.

The U.S. Department of Education reports less than 2% of teachers are black men.

Maryland Looks To Recruit More Black Men As Teachers

Maryland said it's working to recruit more black men to work as educators in the state.

The nation's education secretary renewed his call this week for more black men to become teachers. They currently make up only 2 percent of educators nationwide.

For the most part, Maryland is in same boat, but there are some exceptions.

New calls to end discrimination against male childcarers

by Sue Learner - NurseryWorld
Andy Morris, chief executive at Asquith Nurseries, is urging a comprehensive change in nursery recruitment policies. Currently, only two per cent of the early years workforce is male.

The trend carries on into primary school, with no male teacher at nearly a third of primary schools in the UK, according to recent figures from the General Teaching Council (News, 8 September 2010).

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