June, 2016

Pride and Passion - Men Teachers Graduating

by Dr. Jill Klefstad - UW Stout
[MenTeach: Dr. Jill has been working to increase and retain men in her education program. She continues to have success at helping the young men graduate. You can find the other articles here.]

MenTeach E-News - May 2016

MenTeach E-News
May 2016

1) Men in ECE: Another Stereotype?
2) Gender Gaps Persist In Oklahoma Teacher, Superintendent Ranks
3) Male Teachers Claim Wage Discrimination
4) Northern California Men in Child Care Conference
5) They call him MISTER
6) Teaching becomes Brosnon's dream job
7) Philadelphia School District seeks to recruit minority teachers
8) The importance of male teachers
9) What's sex got to do with it? The preparation of elementary male teacher candidates

Part Silly Adult, Human Monkey Bar; All Kindergarten

by Morgan Jarema - School News Network
Gerald Neff sits on a kindergartner-size table at the front of his classroom on a recent morning and welcomes his class to a new day.

"Morning Georgia! You're wearing a dress. Are you getting married today?" he asks a youngster in a blue frock and pink leggings. "Hey Miles, does your ear still hurt?" he asks a boy who holds a paper towel up to the side of his head.

Only male teacher at Felbridge school explains why more men needed in classroom

By Rachel Barr - East Grinstead Courier
The only male teacher at a school in Felbridge has shared his views on why more men should work in primary education.

Eliot Law joined Felbridge Primary, in Crawley Down Road, in September and became the first male teacher at the school in more than five years.

New York mayor: Why our cities need more teachers of color

By New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
Our nation hit two significant milestones in the last two years: for the first time, the majority of U.S. public school students and the majority of U.S. children under the age of five are of color.

Meet the male teachers changing the perception of nursery school education

by Rob Kemp - The Telegraph
"For far too long we've had an upside down education system – with all the emphasis on the importance of GCSE, A Level and university," explains Jay Ramsey, 40, a nursery teacher at St Werburgh's Park School in Bristol. "But research shows that the influence of a good quality nursery environment continues to be felt right through to GCSEs and A Levels – and these benefits can even be measured economically."

'MacGyver' for preschoolers brings expertise to the (water) table

By Molly Guthrey - Pioneer Press
[MenTeach: See an interview and story about Tom Bedard here]. The preschoolers gather around the water table Monday morning.

It's a wondrous contraption, two tables fashioned into one long one and stacked with accessories like swimming noodles and coffee filters.

Excellent Educator: Tom Bedard Of Homecroft Early Learning Center

by Kim Johnson - WCCO
[MenTeach: You read more about Tom's work here. And his story here. His blog postings here.

Tom Bedard has spent his career working with the youngest of students at Homecroft Early Learning Center in St. Paul.

"Birth to five years old, I've worked with thousands of children," he said.

Race Biases Teachers’ Expectations for Students

When evaluating the same black student, white teachers expect significantly less academic success than black teachers, a new study concludes. This is especially true for black boys.

Philly Organization Hopes to Recruit 1,000 Black Male Teachers by 2020

by Brian Thomas - Philadelphia Magazine
A group of local teachers has put together a plan to increase recruitment of black men into the profession.