July, 2016

Her Male Teachers Were Integral to Her Success and Sense of Self

by Kara Post-Kennedy - The Good Men Project
I just had a conversation with an old high school friend of mine who is now a high school teacher herself about the nature of student/teacher relationships.

She confessed that she has an easier time connecting with her male students than her female ones; this prompted us to reminisce about the teachers who had impacted us most during those years.

I was somewhat amazed to realize that ALL of the teachers who sprang to my mind were men.

Change: From acceptance to serenity

by Dr. Jill Klefstad - UW Stout
Change…it is inevitable and constant. In fact, "There is nothing permanent except change" (Heraclitus).  Sometimes changes are welcome and yet at other times, change leaves me struggling with acceptance.

Why recruiting more men of color isn’t enough to solve our teacher diversity problem

By Beau Lancaster - Chalkbeat
A few months ago, I helped teach a lesson about gender assumptions in the workforce. My students brainstormed a whole list of male-associated jobs: construction worker, bus driver, engineer. Not one suggested teacher.

It didn’t matter if the classroom was predominantly female, male, freshmen, upperclassmen. The answer always implied the same: I, a black man, wasn’t supposed to be in the classroom.