September, 2016

'We could change a life': Summerville teacher to start male mentoring program

by Jenna-Ley Harrison - The Summerville Journal Scene
Growing up, Summerville teacher ReZsaun Lewis never felt connected with school. He grew up in a rough North Charleston neighborhood and watched his two brothers suffer from poor decisions. Lewis said he, too, might have ended up in jail like one of them, or on a different life path, had his middle school chorus teacher Marianne Williams not taken him under her wing.

MenTeach E-News - August 2016

MenTeach E-News
August 2016

1) Crisis in primary schools as almost a MILLION children don't have a male teacher
2) The Impact of a Black Male Teacher: The Day Harrison Died
3) Men in early childcare: ‘We’ve seen nothing but a positive impact’
4) Northern California Men in Child Care Conference
5) Report from Germany about percentages of Men Teaching
6) Should a daycare notify parents about male caregivers?
7) New Zealand Expert calls for government to act on lack of men in early childhood education

NZ Police heads towards gender balance while the Ministry of Education holds on to sex-role stereotypes for early childhood educ

by Dr Sarah Alexander - Child Forum
New Zealand Police attempts to recruit more women have been successful and rewarded.

In 2012 just 24 per cent of new police recruits across the country were women, but last year that number jumped to nearly 36 per cent thanks to new programmes targeted specifically at females.

For police to have the trust and confidence of the community they must be representative of the people they serve, they believe.

Recent college graduate returns to classroom: Town welcomes fourth-grade teacher

By Theresa Bourke - Echo Journal
From college football player and aspiring coach to fourth-grade teacher. That's how Adam Langan ended up in Nisswa.

"I kind of lost interest in football the second year I was playing and really gained more interest in teaching," Langan said. "(I) realized that teaching was really what I wanted to do."

Video: Male Teachers in Mississippi

by Victoria Bailey -
Across the country, teaching is considered an overwhelmingly female profession.

According to in the Mississippi School Systems, grades k-12, only seventeen percent of teachers are made up of males.

The marines may be looking for a few good men but Mississippi School Systems are in the same position.

For many students in grade school a teacher is usually a Mrs. and if there are men in the school system they work as a bus driver, coach a sport or do vocational work.

To be a teacher, one must have a love for the class room.

Will More Black Male Teachers Help Black Boys Better Succeed In School?

By Marika Suval - Wisconsin Public Radio
Educator Christopher Emdin has unhappy memories of being a young black student taught by a black male teacher who didn't see value in him as a person. Now, he sees his experiences persists among students he's interviewed and worked with.