Will More Black Male Teachers Help Black Boys Better Succeed In School?

By Marika Suval - Wisconsin Public Radio
Educator Christopher Emdin has unhappy memories of being a young black student taught by a black male teacher who didn't see value in him as a person. Now, he sees his experiences persists among students he's interviewed and worked with.

Video: Male Teachers in Mississippi

by Victoria Bailey -
Across the country, teaching is considered an overwhelmingly female profession.

According to in the Mississippi School Systems, grades k-12, only seventeen percent of teachers are made up of males.

The marines may be looking for a few good men but Mississippi School Systems are in the same position.

For many students in grade school a teacher is usually a Mrs. and if there are men in the school system they work as a bus driver, coach a sport or do vocational work.

To be a teacher, one must have a love for the class room.

Recent college graduate returns to classroom: Town welcomes fourth-grade teacher

By Theresa Bourke - Echo Journal
From college football player and aspiring coach to fourth-grade teacher. That's how Adam Langan ended up in Nisswa.

"I kind of lost interest in football the second year I was playing and really gained more interest in teaching," Langan said. "(I) realized that teaching was really what I wanted to do."

'We could change a life': Summerville teacher to start male mentoring program

by Jenna-Ley Harrison - The Summerville Journal Scene
Growing up, Summerville teacher ReZsaun Lewis never felt connected with school. He grew up in a rough North Charleston neighborhood and watched his two brothers suffer from poor decisions. Lewis said he, too, might have ended up in jail like one of them, or on a different life path, had his middle school chorus teacher Marianne Williams not taken him under her wing.

Why Black Men Quit Teaching

By Christopher Emdinaug - New York Times
How can we help black boys succeed in school? One popular answer is that we need more black male teachers.

Men in early childcare: ‘We’ve seen nothing but a positive impact’

by Sheila Wayman - Irish Times
“Early childhood education in Ireland at the moment is at a very exciting place,” says David Kenna (29), a “floating” junior manager with Park Academy Childcare, which has eight centres in south Dublin/north Wicklow, including an outdoors nature kindergarten.

“It is all moving towards child-led learning and learning through play; that’s what really appeals to me.”

The Impact of a Black Male Teacher: The Day Harrison Died

by Rashad J. Smith, Rochester - Democrat & Chronicle
Steven James Harrison, Jr. was an English teacher in the Rochester City School District who gave a large part of his time and resources to students beyond the classroom. On August 4, 2006 Harrison traveled from Rochester to his home in the Bronx along with his brother Marquis to celebrate their mother's birthday.

Lawyer-Turned-Teacher Says Desire for Family Time Explains Why More Men Go 'Pink Collar'

By Debra Cassens Weiss - ABA Journel
Adrian Ortiz made more money in Mexico than in the United States, but he’s not complaining.

Her Male Teachers Were Integral to Her Success and Sense of Self

by Kara Post-Kennedy - The Good Men Project
I just had a conversation with an old high school friend of mine who is now a high school teacher herself about the nature of student/teacher relationships.

She confessed that she has an easier time connecting with her male students than her female ones; this prompted us to reminisce about the teachers who had impacted us most during those years.

I was somewhat amazed to realize that ALL of the teachers who sprang to my mind were men.

Editorial: Humble and Kind

by Dr. Jill Klefstad - UW Stout
Recently, I heard Tim McGraw's new song, Humble and Kind. Typically I am skeptical of reading too much emphasis into the lyrics of songs but something about this song keeps tugging at my heartstrings. Take some time to listen to the song here.

and feel free to read the lyrics here.

Only 8 percent of New York City teachers are men of color. Here's how the city is trying to change that

By Patrick Wall - Chalkbeat
"Start sharing. Don't be shy," the facilitator said at the start a training last week for Asian, black, and Hispanic men hoping to teach in the New York City school system. He'd asked them to name a movie or song that spoke to them.

End Gender Barriers for Male Teachers

by Shiva Darshan - Washington Square News - Staff Writer
Recent efforts to break gender barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields present opportunities for women to advance in fields which were previously closed off to them. While there is still work to be done, initiatives such as Girls Who Code or the NYU organization Women In Science suggest there is hope for a female-friendly work environment. However, where there is imbalance in male-dominated professions, there is also an imbalance in female-dominated fields which must be similarly remedied.

Race Biases Teachers’ Expectations for Students

When evaluating the same black student, white teachers expect significantly less academic success than black teachers, a new study concludes. This is especially true for black boys.

Excellent Educator: Tom Bedard Of Homecroft Early Learning Center

by Kim Johnson - WCCO
[MenTeach: You read more about Tom's work here. And his story here. His blog postings here.

Tom Bedard has spent his career working with the youngest of students at Homecroft Early Learning Center in St. Paul.

"Birth to five years old, I've worked with thousands of children," he said.

'MacGyver' for preschoolers brings expertise to the (water) table

By Molly Guthrey - Pioneer Press
[MenTeach: See an interview and story about Tom Bedard here]. The preschoolers gather around the water table Monday morning.

It's a wondrous contraption, two tables fashioned into one long one and stacked with accessories like swimming noodles and coffee filters.

New York mayor: Why our cities need more teachers of color

By New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
Our nation hit two significant milestones in the last two years: for the first time, the majority of U.S. public school students and the majority of U.S. children under the age of five are of color.

Only male teacher at Felbridge school explains why more men needed in classroom

By Rachel Barr - East Grinstead Courier
The only male teacher at a school in Felbridge has shared his views on why more men should work in primary education.

Eliot Law joined Felbridge Primary, in Crawley Down Road, in September and became the first male teacher at the school in more than five years.

Part Silly Adult, Human Monkey Bar; All Kindergarten

by Morgan Jarema - School News Network
Gerald Neff sits on a kindergartner-size table at the front of his classroom on a recent morning and welcomes his class to a new day.

"Morning Georgia! You're wearing a dress. Are you getting married today?" he asks a youngster in a blue frock and pink leggings. "Hey Miles, does your ear still hurt?" he asks a boy who holds a paper towel up to the side of his head.

The remarks of Donovan Livingston at Harvard

by Donovan Livingston - Harvard Graduate School of Education
"Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin,
Is a great equalizer of the conditions of men." – Horace Mann, 1848.
At the time of his remarks I couldn't read — couldn't write.
Any attempt to do so, punishable by death.
For generations we have known of knowledge's infinite power.
Yet somehow, we've never questioned the keeper of the keys —
The guardians of information.

The importance of male teachers

by Lisa Kadane - Todays Parent
My daughter Avery's grade five teacher is a bit of an anomaly. Students build different models of paper airplanes to test hang time during the unit on aerodynamics. The kids help choose and order school supplies as an exercise in budgeting and mathematics.

Philadelphia School District seeks to recruit minority teachers

Ayana Jones - Philadelphia Tribune
School District of Philadelphia officials are striving to recruit minority teachers to help fill vacancies.

Philadelphia School Superintendent William Hite and Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan addressed the importance of increasing diversity in the district’s workforce during a Philadelphia Tribune editorial board meeting this week.

Teaching becomes Brosnon's dream job

Like many young people, Brosnon Siluuga dreamed of a career in sport or the gaming industry, but after following advice from family and friends, he became a teacher and hasn’t looked back.

Brosnon graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary from the University of Auckland on Friday. He now teaches Year 5 students at Papatoetoe East Primary.

"I love it! I can't wait to get up for school each day," he says.

They call him MISTER

by Nathaniel Cary - Greenville News
When Walter Lee was a young child, his poor, rural town of Eutawville near the banks of Lake Marion in Orangeburg County, built a new school. Somehow his father ended up with an old chalkboard and some school desks, which he brought home, and Lee would play teacher.

Male Teachers Claim Wage Discrimination

by Megan Fu - The Daily Beast
Nine male teachers are suing their Pennsylvania school district, claiming they're victims of an unfair and gendered pay scale that favors their female counterparts.

Gender Gaps Persist In Oklahoma Teacher, Superintendent Ranks

The teachers in K-12 classrooms in Oklahoma and other states historically were mostly women. Their bosses — the principals and superintendents — were mostly men.

In two of those jobs, not much has changed.

Nearly eight in 10 certified public-school teachers in Oklahoma are female, a ratio unchanged in the past decade, according to state Department of Education data acquired by Oklahoma Watch.

Call Me MISTER to participate in U.S. Department of Education summit on teacher diversity

by Michael Staton - Eugene T. Moore School of Education
The United States Department of Education has invited representatives of Call Me MISTER to attend the National Summit on Teacher Diversity on May 6 in Washington, D.C. The summit invites participants from programs across the nation to expand and deepen the understanding of the issue of diversity in the teaching profession.

Male early childhood educators

by Heather Bryan - Red & Black
When people think about preschool or elementary teachers, usually women come to mind. Characters such as Ms. Honey from “Matilda” or Ms. Crabtree from “Little Rascals” are the widely accepted norm regarding childhood educators.

Community College Receives $285,000 to Research Recruitment of Male Educators in Pre-K Classrooms

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) has received a $285,000 award from the Foundation for Child Development (FCD) to examine the recruitment, retention, professional development and mentoring of male educators in the New York City Universal Pre-Kindergarten system.

Record number of men sign up for childcare courses in Australia

by Tarik Elmerhebe - Macarthur Chronicle Campbelltown
Times are definitely changing with a record number of men studying childcare at TAFE SWSi in Campbelltown this year.

A total of 18 men are studying early childhood courses with the aim of securing a position in what is traditionally a female-dominated industry.

The number makes up a whopping 80 per cent increase in male students from last year to this year at the Campbelltown TAFE.

Efforts to recruit more diverse teachers paying off for city schools

By Ariel Worthy - Birmingham Times
A room full of 12 and 13-year-olds in a seventh grade Pre-AP science class cut open raw chicken wings to identify the muscles, bones and ligaments.

“What connects the muscle to the bone?” asks teacher Christopher Mosley at Hudson K-8 School.

“The tendon!” Ricardo Chandler, 13, said proudly.
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