Philadelphia School District seeks to recruit minority teachers

Ayana Jones - Philadelphia Tribune
School District of Philadelphia officials are striving to recruit minority teachers to help fill vacancies.

Philadelphia School Superintendent William Hite and Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan addressed the importance of increasing diversity in the district’s workforce during a Philadelphia Tribune editorial board meeting this week.

Teaching becomes Brosnon's dream job

Like many young people, Brosnon Siluuga dreamed of a career in sport or the gaming industry, but after following advice from family and friends, he became a teacher and hasn’t looked back.

Brosnon graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary from the University of Auckland on Friday. He now teaches Year 5 students at Papatoetoe East Primary.

"I love it! I can't wait to get up for school each day," he says.

They call him MISTER

by Nathaniel Cary - Greenville News
When Walter Lee was a young child, his poor, rural town of Eutawville near the banks of Lake Marion in Orangeburg County, built a new school. Somehow his father ended up with an old chalkboard and some school desks, which he brought home, and Lee would play teacher.

Male Teachers Claim Wage Discrimination

by Megan Fu - The Daily Beast
Nine male teachers are suing their Pennsylvania school district, claiming they're victims of an unfair and gendered pay scale that favors their female counterparts.

Gender Gaps Persist In Oklahoma Teacher, Superintendent Ranks

The teachers in K-12 classrooms in Oklahoma and other states historically were mostly women. Their bosses — the principals and superintendents — were mostly men.

In two of those jobs, not much has changed.

Nearly eight in 10 certified public-school teachers in Oklahoma are female, a ratio unchanged in the past decade, according to state Department of Education data acquired by Oklahoma Watch.

Call Me MISTER to participate in U.S. Department of Education summit on teacher diversity

by Michael Staton - Eugene T. Moore School of Education
The United States Department of Education has invited representatives of Call Me MISTER to attend the National Summit on Teacher Diversity on May 6 in Washington, D.C. The summit invites participants from programs across the nation to expand and deepen the understanding of the issue of diversity in the teaching profession.

Male early childhood educators

by Heather Bryan - Red & Black
When people think about preschool or elementary teachers, usually women come to mind. Characters such as Ms. Honey from “Matilda” or Ms. Crabtree from “Little Rascals” are the widely accepted norm regarding childhood educators.

Community College Receives $285,000 to Research Recruitment of Male Educators in Pre-K Classrooms

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) has received a $285,000 award from the Foundation for Child Development (FCD) to examine the recruitment, retention, professional development and mentoring of male educators in the New York City Universal Pre-Kindergarten system.

Record number of men sign up for childcare courses in Australia

by Tarik Elmerhebe - Macarthur Chronicle Campbelltown
Times are definitely changing with a record number of men studying childcare at TAFE SWSi in Campbelltown this year.

A total of 18 men are studying early childhood courses with the aim of securing a position in what is traditionally a female-dominated industry.

The number makes up a whopping 80 per cent increase in male students from last year to this year at the Campbelltown TAFE.

Efforts to recruit more diverse teachers paying off for city schools

By Ariel Worthy - Birmingham Times
A room full of 12 and 13-year-olds in a seventh grade Pre-AP science class cut open raw chicken wings to identify the muscles, bones and ligaments.

“What connects the muscle to the bone?” asks teacher Christopher Mosley at Hudson K-8 School.

“The tendon!” Ricardo Chandler, 13, said proudly.

America needs more black and Hispanic male teachers

by Fahima Haque - Washington Post
The statistics have almost become cliché: Black elementary and high school students score lower on standardized tests, on average, than their white or Asian counterparts. For years, educators have searched for solutions. For Kwame Griffith, a senior vice president at Teach For America, the way to help narrow this achievement gap is by recruiting more black and Hispanic male teachers.

Male student-teachers in elementary education

By Caroline Hecker -
Over the past 20 years, the number of male teachers in both elementary and middle school grades have plateaued at around 16 percent, a number that remains true at La Crescent Elementary School.

The school has five male teachers on staff and only one male student-teacher this year.

Garrett Soper is that student-teacher and he says the need for male role models in the classroom is growing.

Awards given at MenTeach - New England @ MassAEYC conference

Craig Simpson - MenTeach - New England
On March 4 at the MassAEYC conference- MenTeach-New England and MassAEYC held our annual reception and award evening. Men Teach gave out two awards:

'Work Hard, Be Hard' and 'Work Hard, Be Nice,' dueling takes on KIPP

By Jay Mathews - Washington Post
Cambridge College education professor Jim Horn presents his new book, "Work Hard, Be Hard: Journeys Through 'No Excuses' Teaching," as a necessary antidote to my 2009 book, "Work Hard. Be Nice: How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America."

Where are the male African-American teachers?

By Mike Brooks - Fox 25
Tim Gates knew exactly what he wanted to be at a very young age.

"There are a lot of teachers in my family," Gates said. "I've always wanted to be a teacher."

Gates is teaching 5th grade at Martin Luther King, Junior Elementary School in Oklahoma City and loving every minute of it.

"It gives me the opportunity to give a gift that you can't necessarily see."

Group on assignment to recruit and retain black male teachers

by Dedrick Russell -
The Group called Profound Gentlemen is ready to tackle an assignment to get more black male teachers inside the classrooms. The group is working with school districts in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland and Charlotte.

They admit it is a challenge but they claim achieving the goal will pay off.

Book review: Male primary teachers are pushed into stereotypical leadership roles – can you guess which ones?

by John Dickens - SchoolsWeek
Talented male primary school teachers are being devalued because they get pigeon-holed into running sports classes or looking after naughty kids, a new book has claimed.

The authors of Men Teaching Children 3-11 investigated gender stereotyping in deprived schools across the north of England and London.

Program aims to draw young males to leadership

by Aaron Mudd - Bowling Green Daily News
After being involved with the Young Male Leadership Academy since the eighth grade, Adrien Pocasongra describes it as one of the best things he’s ever done.

“It gives me a sense of belonging,” said Pocasongra, now a junior at Warren Central High School.

Michael Coleman, a minority teacher recruiter at Warren County Public Schools, has been involved with the program for 10 years.

Study: Of the Israeli men teachers satisfied with their career (88%) would recommend the field of education over women (69%)

Israel's teacher burnout problem may not be as severe as previously thought, a study released Sunday suggests.

65% of teachers are satisfied with their career choice, the TACK poll for Herzog Academic College revealed, compared to 23% who are 'satisfied enough' but not planning to continue the career path permanently and just 11% who are 'dissatisfied.'

Training More Black Men to Become Teachers

by Katy Reckdahl - The Atlantic
During his high-school days, no football game could start without Louis Blackmon III: the team’s center. Each play began with his snap.

Though Blackmon was renowned for his hustle on the field, he didn’t put the same effort into the classroom. “In school, I was just an average guy,” Blackmon said. Typically, he pulled Cs, with a few Ds, at McDonogh 35 High School in New Orleans.

Wanted in New York City: A thousand black, Latino and Asian male teachers

By Lyndsey Layton - The Washington Post
New York City, which has the nation’s largest public school system, wants to hire 1,000 black, Latino and Asian male teachers by 2017 to create a teaching corps that more closely matches the student body.

New Push to Hire Male Teachers of Color

By Melanie Grayce West - Wall Street Journal
New York City is rolling out a $16.5 million initiative to recruit and retain nonwhite male teachers so that its teaching staff better reflects its student population.

Male Teachers in great demand

Former English footballer and current sports broadcaster Gary Lineker once came to my school to give an inspirational speech.

When he came in he asked “Who knows me from playing football?” The older men put their hands up. Then he asked “Who knows me from Match of the Day?” Now half the room put their hands up. Finally, he asks “Who knows me from Walkers Crisps adverts?” The whole room put their hands up.

Rapper Jahi Educates in the Classroom and From Behind the Mic

By Ericka Blount Danois - The Root
Jahi isn't your average rapper. He doesn't have to just worry about flow and lyrics when he tours with Public Enemy as part of the group PE 2.0. As an educator and pioneer of the African-American Male Achievement program in the Oakland, Calif., public school system, he has to wait until summer break, when the kids are out, to tour for his new album, InsPirEd.

Florida Works To Retain, Recruit Male Teachers

By Lindsey Kilbride - WJCT
Friday was an early-release day at Wolfson High. By 2 p.m., the students were gone, but the auditorium was filled with male teachers.

The reason? They’re part of a newly-formed male teachers’ network in Duval County.

Westside High School Principal Gregory Bostic led Friday’s workshop.

Ohio school looking at plan to attract male African-American teachers

by Jeff Piorkowski, special to Sun News
Shaker Heights Schools, working together with the U.S. Department of Education and Howard University is looking to launch a program to attract African-American male teachers to the district.

Where are all the male teachers in our schools?

by Dominic Cansdale - 4BC1116Talk Radio
The Queensland College of Teachers has commissioned a review into the factors which influence people when choosing teaching as a first career.

It comes as recent figures show the number of male teachers in Queensland state primary schools falling to just 16% of the workforce.

According to Kevin Bates, President of the Queensland Teachers Union, perceptions of teaching being a 'feminised profession' or elements of unjustified suspicion being levelled at male teachers, contributes to this low figure.

Nonprofit Works to Improve Teacher Diversity
A Charlottesville-based nonprofit is working to increase the diversity of teachers in Albemarle County and Charlottesville public schools.

According to the African American Teaching Fellows (AATF) there is only one minority teacher for every 122 students in both the city and county.

How one principal is trying to get more black men into the classroom

By Emma Brown - Washington Post
Educators and policy wonks of many stripes pretty much agree that U.S. classrooms need more minority teachers.

But how to make that happen?

The Percentage of Black Teachers Declined in Nine U.S. Cities. That’s a Big Problem.

By Laura Moser -
A study released Wednesday by the American Federation of Teachers found that, just as American schools are getting more and more segregated, teachers in several major American cities, including the nation’s three largest school districts, are getting progressively less diverse, particularly when it comes to black teachers.
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