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Male teachers in Utah try to live on teacher’s salary

by Sara Lenz - Deseret News
The fifth grade students in Brad Ericksen's class know what their teacher will be doing after school today. They can tell by his outfit — a navy blue shirt and khaki pants.

He'll be working at Walmart.

Male teachers in Canada

by Dave Waddell - The Windsor Star
Towering above his students at Windsor’s Northwood Elementary School, six-foot-11 Richard Shaw hardly looks like an endangered species.

Yet Shaw and his male peers are becoming increasingly rare in Ontario’s classrooms, especially at the elementary school level.

Scholarship designed for African-American men in Florida

by Jennifer Waugh, KJXT - The Morning Show anchor, investigative reporter,
Edward Waters College is offering a scholarship program called, Call Me Mister. The college needs more applicants. It is available for African-American men who want to become teachers.

December 1, 2014

Kindergarten teacher part of a rare breed

by Chuck Fieldman - The Doings
As a male kindergarten teacher, new Brook Forest School teacher David Mangless is a rare breed — only 2.3 percent of the country’s preschool and kindergarten teachers in 2013 were men, according to the most recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Q. Did you know that you wanted to teach kindergarten when you decided that you were interested in becoming a teacher?

When was the last time you encountered a male teacher? Apparently, not soon enough

Compiled by Eric Schulzke
Boys will rarely if ever encounter a male teacher until they reach high school, a fact lamented by many both because teacher's serve as important role models and because the lack of gender diversity tends to turn the profession into a prestige ghetto.

Book on lack of black male teachers released

A former Suffolk school principal and her husband have co-authored a book, along with another colleague, about the shortage of black male teachers in America.

Very Few Jobs Besides Teaching Offer This Much Reward

by Jeremy Greensmith

I would imagine that the lack of male teachers has long standing, structural causes. Teaching is not, after all, the only historically female profession that remains so. But if that is the case it’s a shame, since elementary classrooms have a lot to offer in career opportunity for men.

Even when the tasks themselves are relatively simple, the act of helping a gloriously mixed group of kids is hard.

Why Don’t More Men Go Into Teaching?

by Motoko Rich - New York Times
As Tommie Leaders, 22, approached college graduation last spring, his professors told him he would have no trouble getting hired. “You’re a guy teaching elementary, ” they said.

Mr. Leaders, who earned his education degree from the University of Nebraska in June, started teaching fifth grade last month in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He is the only male teacher in the building.

Gentlemen, Preschool Is Calling

by Matt Collette - National Public Radio (NPR)
Glenn Peters knew he would be in the minority when he started training to teach preschool as part of New York City's rollout of universal pre-K, the largest such initiative in the country. But he didn't realize just how rare men are in the profession until he attended a resume-building workshop for aspiring pre-K teachers.

More men seeking 'manny' work due to lousy economy

Greg Carroll left his job as an executive chef in 2009, when  his boss asked him to slash his 500-person staff by half. Since then, Carroll has done some catering, some consulting and some cooking in private homes. But full-time work has proven elusive.

New teachers, nervous as kindergartners, prepare for the first day of school

By Ovetta Wiggins and T. Rees Shapiro - Washington Post
Along with the hundreds of thousands of students heading back to school across the region this week and next, there are hundreds of new teachers, some of them leading a classroom for the first time.

And some of those teachers are just as nervous as the students.

Jefferson welcomes district's only male kindergarten teacher

by Marla K. Kuhlman - Rocky Fork Enterprise
Jefferson Elementary School will employ the district's only male kindergarten teacher this school year.

Grant Jones, 22, will teach about 20 kindergartners when classes begin Aug. 13. He will be the only man among 25 kindergarten teachers.

Jefferson principal Roben Frentzel said Jones is a great guy. She said Jefferson also is home to male teacher Kory Hartinger, who teaches third grade.

How Boston Public Schools Can Recruit and Retain Black Male Teachers

by Travis Bristol
Our guest author today is Travis J. Bristol, former high school English teacher in New York City public schools and teacher educator with the Boston Teacher Residency program, who is currently a research and policy fellow at the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) at Stanford University.

Why Are There So Few Men in Jewish Nursery School Classrooms?

by Anna Goldenberg - The Jewish Daily Forward
It's circle time in classroom four. Sixteen 5-year-olds sit on the carpet and patiently wait for the weather report. After observing Amsterdam Avenue through the large windows of the JCC in Manhattan's nursery school, a blond girl in a pink dress announces, "It's sunny and cloudy." Her peers seem content with the analysis, and the girl turns to await feedback from her teacher, a 30-year-old man with short hair, a ginger beard and freckles on his arms.

"Very good," Adam Metzger says. "There's also a word for it: overcast."

Study: Minority teachers benefit all

by Freddie Allen - The Charlotte Post
Changing demographics trend toward diversity

Despite the cry from people of color for more teachers who look like them, both whites and blacks benefit from a more diverse teaching force, according to a study by Center of American Progress.

Study: Minority teachers benefit all

by Freddie Allen - The Charlotte Post
Despite the cry from people of color for more teachers who look like them, both whites and blacks benefit from a more diverse teaching force, according to a study by Center of American Progress.

Male teachers in Western Pennsylvania elementary classrooms

by Amy Crawford - TribLive
Sixteen kindergarteners sat cross-legged on a rag rug, singing songs about the days of the week and the months of the year.

The classroom at Carnegie Elementary School in the Carlynton School District was furnished with the usual toys preferred by 5-year-olds -- trucks, blocks, a kitchen play-set, a miniature makeup table. There was a collection of books nearby, and a set of puzzles in cardboard boxes.

In addition to lists of class rules and words the students had learned to read, Penguins, Steelers and Pirates posters decorated the walls.

Program aims to attract black males into teaching

By Eric Boodman - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
A doctoral candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania recently stood in front of high school students from the Homewood Children's Village and asked how many planned to go to college. All hands shot up, but when he asked how many planned to go into education, the hands dropped down.

Harborne school bucks trend of male primary teacher shortage

By Kat Keogh - Birmingham Mail
One in four primary schools in England are without a male teacher, figures have revealed.

But one Birmingham school is bucking the trend, with a trio of male teachers working in the classroom.

There were just 26,208 men working as teachers in primary schools as of March 31 this year, compared with 185,023 women, statistics from the General Teaching Council (GTC) show.

And despite growing numbers of men applying to join the profession, 4,000 schools are without single male teacher at all.

Steady hand, big heart

By Owen R. Smith - East Oregonian
Keith May’s first big lesson as a first-grade teacher came during a Pendleton Round-Up in the 1980s, when he took his class to watch slack on his very first field trip.

Where Are All The Male Teachers [Infographic]

by Eric Lyday - Daily Infographic
For the past semester, I’ve been student teaching at a middle school and I’m now currently at an elementary school as part of my music teacher certification process. It’s been a challenge learning all the ins and outs of being a teacher, but it has also come with great satisfaction.

Comic: The issues of being a male preschool teacher

Click on to see larger image.

This is just one of the many things I dealt with as a male preschool teacher. I'm thinking about starting a webcomic series about my time as a teacher...

TEACH Campaign Seeking Minority, Male Teachers

WLTX - TV South Carolina
Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The U.S. Department of Education says it wants to recruit more diverse and qualified educators and created a new initiative to help the process.

It's called the TEACH Campaign, and has a goal of encouraging more minorities--especially males--to go after careers in the classroom.

St. Louis Teacher of the Year

Leo A. Ganahl, a third-grade teacher at Bermuda Elementary School, is Ferguson-Florissant School District's 2011 Teacher of the Year. Ganahl is the district's first male elementary teacher to receive the award.

He is a product of Ferguson-Florissant, having attended Griffith Elementary School and graduated from McCluer High School, and lives in the district.

Male teachers wary of hugging students

Kindergarten teacher Paul Ferreter knows he is putting his credential on the line each time he opens his arms to hug one of his students.

While more and more teachers, especially male educators, are putting up barriers to protect themselves from false allegations, Ferreter said he can't bring himself to forgo hugs. But his hugs have been modified. He calls them "sideways hugs."

Arkansas ranks last for male teachers

by Pam Baccam - KTHV Television
It's becoming rarer to find men in the classroom, especially in Arkansas. The state is ranked bottom in country for the lowest percentage of male teachers.

According to the National Education Association, male teachers make up 16 percent of Arkansas' teachers. That's 12 points lower than the nation's average.

"It's always a goal of mine to inspire more than the year before," says Bryant High School business teacher Marc Nixon.

Report: Male Educators Convene Summit in Maryland

by Courtney Jacobs - AFRO Staff Writer
On a frigid Saturday morning recently in Prince George’s County there was a gathering of a rare species in public schools: Male teachers.

And while there were less than 100 people in Charles Herbert Flowers High School’s cavernous auditorium in Springdale, the meeting --dubbed The First Annual Male Educator Summit: Envisioning the Future of Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) -- marked a start.

More male teachers solution to issues?

By Brittany Hughes - Danville Register & Bee - Virginia, USA
The question of whether more male teachers in city schools would help reduce disciplinary problems was raised at Friday’s Danville School Board work session, where board member Philip Campbell addressed the significant gap between male and female teachers.

According to Juliet Jennings, assistant superintendent for human resources, Danville Public Schools currently employs 515 teachers.

Of those, only 91 are male — meaning only about 1 in 6 city teachers are men.

Maryland schools hope to recruit more male teachers

By Ovetta Wiggins - Washington Post
When Albert Lewis attended middle school in Prince George’s County in the late 1990s, he was shocked to walk into his eighth-grade history class and find a black man sitting behind the teacher’s desk.

Nathaniel Laney’s presence was a first for Lewis, who is now a teacher himself. Until then, he had never seen a male teacher outside of gym class.
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