Men in Early Childhood-Colorado Audio Digital Story Project

Soren Gall
Over the last six months, Men in Early Childhood-Colorado has been working on an audio digital story project. The purpose of this project was to gather stories from men who are studying ECE, working in the ECE field currently, or had worked in the ECE field.

Report from Germany about percentages of Men Teaching

Dr. Tim Rohrmann - Wechselspiel - Institut für Pädagogik und Psychologie
The percentage of men in ECEC in Germany is around 5% now (data for 2015). There are huge differences between regions, ranging from more than 10% in several big cities to less than 3% in the Federal state of Bavaria, where there is still no male worker at all in 85% of ECEC centers.

Updated: Northern California Men in Child Care Conference

by Gregory Uba
Northern California Men in Child Care Conference
October 22, 2016
8AM - 4:30PM
American River College
Sacramento, CA

To maximize opportunities for participation by our Conference attendees, each featured presentation will be followed by a period for interactive, facilitated, small group discussions.

Download Registration Information.

United Kingdom National Men in Early Years conference

David Wright Owner - Paint Pots Nurseries, Southampton
Following a United Kingdom National Men in Early Years conference held in Southampton, England in March this year, when over 120 Early Years professionals gathered for an inspirational day of seminars, exhibition, presentations and networking, a set of proposals have been forwarded to the British government calling for support and positive action to increase the proportion of men in the Early Years workforce.

Dear MenTeach - How do I change careers to become a teacher?

[MenTeach: We get numerous e-mails from men wanting to change careers. For privacy we've deleted personal identifying information. What advice would you give them?]

My name is X, I'm a 33 year old man who works in the music industry. My wife is a public high school teacher here. I am considering a career change: I feel called to work with high school kids, and I would love to coach football. Currently I'm planning to join a local high school for spring training practice.

Men we need you most in early childhood as a father figure in Malaysia

As time pass by and our society in Malaysia has changed their mindset, it is no longer awkward to see men working in early childhood education area. They are administration staff doing management of the centre or as full time staff and also part time staff, children will enjoy them.

Firstly men are more stable emotionally, not as sensitive as women.

Complete a survey about male teachers

Now I close to the end of collecting data for my final research.

I made a survey for early childhood education program providers to fill out, but I don't have enough responses yet.

I am wondering if you know some of the resources to help me fill out this form.

Please complete the survey!

Brief letter about teaching for 17 years

by Tim Gray
I first discovered MenTeach while researching men in early childhood for an online ECE class I was taking. While scouring the internet for information, I came across an article entitled "Myths About Men Who Work with Young Children." It became a part of a larger research project, and that project led me to finding MenTeach.  

Inclusion of male staff working with inclusive (special needs) care in Canada

Ron Blatz - Executive Director - Discovery Children's Centre Inc.
I just got this report from one of a group of ECE students (all female) that came for a 2 hour visit. The main theme of their visit was inclusion of children with additional needs, but you never miss a chance to throw in a good conversation about men in ECE (at least I never miss a chance) and thus this comment came back from the teacher after she asked the students to reflect on their visit. Hope this encourages you all.

University of Wisconsin - Stout Men continue to do more.

by Jill M. Klefstad Ed.D. - Program Director, Early Childhood Education
[MenTeach: Dr. Jill Klefstad has been recruiting and helping men organize. You can read past posts here and here.]

Remember how you suggested that I document our progress in the Men’s group? Well, over spring break I ended up writing a little bit about this process. It is from my perspective.

2015 Job Fair for Teachers in California

Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) offers multiple opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives.

Numbers of men increases at a Wisconsin University

by Jill M. Klefstad Ed.D. - Program Director, Early Childhood Education
[MenTeach: It's been great watching one person increase the numbers of men at her university education program. If she can do it at a university in the middle of Wisconsin, we can all make these efforts and see an increase in the number of men enrolled. Read more about her program here. And here.]

Here’s my exciting news for the beginning of this semester:

In my Intro to ECE class this semester I have a total of 24 students, 7 which are male.

2015 MenTeach-New England Emerging Professional Award

Do you know a man in early childhood education who meets these criteria?

M.E.N. Organization meeting last night was a success in Wisconsin

by Jill M. Klefstad Ed.D. - Program Director, Early Childhood Education
[MenTeach: You can read about this group from a previous post]

I just wanted to follow up with this good news about our M.E.N. Organization on campus.  Read the email below…I sent this to our teaching partners in the field this morning. I am SOOOOO excited.

Hope you are doing well and life is good to you.

Good morning to you!

Meeting and dinner in Dallas for men and women in education

Men, and women who support men in education,

I admire your work in the lives of young children. I depend on help from the likes of Bryan Nelson, Rodney West, and Jeff Robbins to help me balance my life as a man in the lives and classrooms of young children.

MenTeach New England Meeting in January 2015

MenTeach-NE planning session and conversation

Saturday, January 17, 2015, 10-2ish

@ Jerry Parr’s house in Londonderry, NH near MA border.
Camaraderie, brotherhood and food!
All are welcome.

Men Teachers Perform as Musicians

Craig Simpson - MenTeach New England
When I attended the California AEYC conference in April I won a CD by Chucky Baby and The Biscuits - "Rising Up!".

They are with a preschool called "Step One Nursery School" in Berkeley, CA with as many as 10 male teachers. I have forgotten lots of the details. But thought you might find it inspiring as I did.

Watch a video of the group performing.

Read more about the men teachers.

Earn $24,000-$32,000 stipend to get your Graduate degree at the Richmond Teacher Residency (RTR) Program

Lemmy Okonta - participant in RTR
I am currently suggesting that you add RTR to your database of residency programs.

Patrick Romero receives First Five Award

Patrick Romero of Oakland, CA has received the First Five Award for his work as a teacher at the Mission Neighborhood Center - in San Franciso There is a great four minute vidoeo on YouTube about it.

Get Paid: Need photographs of men teaching

by Don Piburn - MenTeach Hawai'i
Derry Koralek, the Chief Publishing Officer at NAEYC is looking for your photos of male (and female) teachers.  In her email to the M.E.N. Interest Forum below, she notes that submitting photos to NAEYC could be a way to raise funds for special projects.  Here is the link to NAEYC guidelines for any interested photographers: http://www.naeyc.org/publications/forauthors/photoguidelines

One man's journey - A long term struggle to teach

by "Rich" The CPA
I went into the teaching credential program with the understanding that elementary schools "...need and want male teachers." I had heard this from many, many sources (including my wife, the president of the Board of Directors of the CITY, STATE Unified School District). I have now come to the understanding that while this may indeed be true (as you point out below other teachers - women, mainly - and parents do want to have more male teachers in elementary school), those who desire more male teachers are not, sadly, the ones who do the hiring.

Engaging men teachers...a real challenge in Malaysia

After 30 years of experience in early childhood care and education...only female teachers are being recruited in my centre.

I started engaging male staff in 2011 for a start. We have male teachers coming only for certain classes two contact hours per week. Gymnastics classes with Mr.Gan and Art and creativity classes with Mr.Adi and religious classes with Mr.Shukri.

Letter: From engineering to early education

I'm applying for teacher assistant positions in Albany, NY. I'm an engineering major. I love technology. I started a summer job in 2006 after graduation to save some cash for my expensive engineering major.

That job changed everything.

It was a last minute placement as my first job placement suddenly was not available. Two weeks into waiting for an opening I was offered a position at a summer camp. I immediatly said yes without hesitation thinking they'll place me somewhere that fits my experiences.

Tips for Workshops about Men Teachers

Here is a little update on the presentation I did at the TAEYC Conference. I had about 20 participants, a 60/40 mix of females and males.

Do you have a Men in Early Education Group in the United States?

We are preparing for a presentation at the NAEYC conference in November:

Men Belong: developing networking opportunities for male teachers to promote recruitment and retention
Friday, Nov. 22, 2013     8:00 AM

Men Teaching in Montessori Programs

by Martin Sorom
A little background: I live in a small city (35,000) in North Central Washington called Wenatchee. At present, Wenatchee has two Montessori programs, each program offers a 3-6 yrs. of age program of up to 30 students. One program doesn't accept interns, while the other program does. I interned at the later program, but it wasn't a strong program.

Hiring in Kansas - Teachers & Elementary Counselor

Raquel Ayala - Kansas Public Schools
[MenTeach: Ms. Ayala also sent two additional job descriptions - one for teacher and the other for special education. See attachments].

Hello Mr. Nelson,

We are looking for positive male role models to fit some of these positions.  Will you please post this job description in your newsletter?  To apply the candidate must visit our website: Kansas City, Kansas School District.

Thank you.

Raquel Ayala

Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

Student Group Promoting Men Teaching

Dr. Bill Strader
Yo, MenTeach!

Dr. Bill Strader here!

Professor, Early Childhood Education and Facilitator for the Student Interest Forum of NAEYC!

We have had two presentation submissions accepted for DC in November.

We will advocate and send on any of the students who would like to know more about MenTeach!

Men in Early Childhood Education, etc.!


Letter: I'm interested in teaching young children

As far as your inquiry as to how I found out about your site, I have recently been thinking of going back to college for possibly early childhood education either general or special ed students. The grade level that most interests me are the younger ages K-4th. I recently have even been considering becoming an educator at the day care level. I was simply doing a google search trying to find some resources and info on how to get into the field of teaching children and discovered your site.

Letter: Children Appreciate Male Teachers in Malaysia

by Basri Mahanom - Director - Sarjana Pintar Early Learning Centre - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Male teachers being accepted positively among children and parents of childcare centres in Malaysia.

Early childhood in Malaysia is growing rapidly in our beautiful country of Malaysia. Currently more and more male teachers are involved in this industry. As such higher learning institutions, universities and colleges offer early childhood Diploma and Degree courses.
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