Men teachers meeting all over the United States

[MenTeach: Groups of men, all over the United States (and other countries), gather to meet to share their common experience working with children. Here are two meetings that happened in the last month. Consider having your own meeting and showing the Frances Carlson's DVD.]

MenTeach - E-News - September 2009

MenTeach E-News
September 2009

1) Order the new DVD about male teachers - Expect male involvement
2) Needed: More black male teachers in Florida
3) Correction: Additional movies about male teachers suggested by readers
4) What do children think: Does it matter if your teacher is male?
5) Mayor's Summer Youth Employment program is a great success!
6) Retired troops gain career in classrooms
7) Report from Men in Early Childhood Education in Austria
8) Student in Malaysia doing a Male Teacher Survey

Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment program is a great success!

by just Holm - Cambridge, MA Preschool Programs
[MenTeach: Mr. Holm has been working to recruit young men to work in his preschool through the Mayor's Summer Youth Program. Others are working to replicate the program in ever major city using Workforce funding that is available every summer.]

Each year the City of Cambridge offers High School Students summer work in the public as well as the private sector of Cambridge.

MenTeach - E-News - August 2009

MenTeach E-News
August 2009

1) Public mixed on gender roles in jobs; 7% prefer male elementary school teachers
2) Why boys fail
3) Additional movies about male teachers suggested by readers
4) New places to order the new DVD about male teachers - Expect male involvement
5) Write your story for a new book
6) Hundreds of ties means teacher doesn't wear same one twice all school year
7) has had millions of hits
8) The few, the beloved, the male elementary teachers
9) Male Student Needs Help: How To Win Respect?

MenTeach E-News - July 2009

1) Are men hired as administrators?
2) From NFL to nanny
3) A gender divide is increasing in the professions
4) Available now - DVD about male teachers - Expect male involvement
5) Boys do better when they are taught by men, study finds
6) What's your favorite movie about male teachers?
7) False allegation: Do you have any advice?
8) Few male teachers, but does it matter?
9) Do you know someone who wants to be a teacher?
10) Resources - Financial Resources and Programs for Men Teaching

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MenTeach - E-News - June 2009

1) First early educator nominated for Minnesota Teacher of the Year
2) First male teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba to win MCCA Award
3) Do men's brains change working with children?
4) New DVD about male teachers - Expect male involvement
5) Online university courses about men teaching and boy-ready classrooms
6) A One man school room
7) Missing: male teachers & elementary school principals
8) Three per cent of Britain's nannies are male: A campaign to increase their number
9) Today's lesson: Courage - a soldier and a teacher

MenTeach - E-News - May 2009

1) Do you want to volunteer to work with children?
2) Bureau of Labor Statistics data can be misleading
3) 15 male teachers in one primary school
4) Steve Shuman Award for the Support of Men in Early Education and Care
5) What's New in New Zealand
6) Stories about male teachers making a difference
7) Male actor heading to the classroom
8) Malaysian men don't rule in school
9) MenTeach Mentors needed in Minneapolis/St. Paul
10) Dr. Edgar Klugman talks about his 59 years in the early childhood profession

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Breakthrough Collaborative program helps to recruit young men to teach

Adam Gardner - Recruitment Associate - Breakthrough Collaborative
In 2007, we accepted 256 male teachers nationally, which is 36% of our total.
We are just beginning to track information on how many of our teachers go into the teaching profession, so unfortunately, we don't have those numbers right now.

Our institutional memory, so to speak, tells us that 72% of our teachers go on to teach professionally, but we don't have the hard data to back that up just yet.

We serve approximately 2,500 students, with a balanced ratio of boys to girls, so 1,250 boys nationally.

Dr. Edgar Klugman talks about his 59 years in the early childhood profession

Craig Simpson MenTeach - New England
About 15 people showed up at Wheelock College to hear Dr. Edgar Klugman talk about this 59 years in the early childhood profession. The particpants included many Wheelock faculty who have know Ed for many years and well known in their field: Diane Levin, Gwen Morgan, Jeff Winkour. His two daughters and grandchildren came too.

Awards and events in New England, USA

Congratulations to Patrick Romero, a teacher at Horizons for Homeless Children Edgerley Family Community Children's Center. He has received an award at the 8th Annual Early Childhood Educators Gala. His award was for "Relationships" in early childhood education- This is what they said in presentation-"Patrick is an exceptional and inspiring teacher who utilizes his skills and warmth to build strong relationships with children. He uses developmentally appropriate strategies that have helped children to not only feel valued in the classroom, but also in the community.

Steve Shuman Award for the Support of Men in Early Education and Care

At this year's Massachusetts Association for the Education of Young Children (MassAEYC) conference in late March, we held our third annual Men in Early Education reception. This year we had over 50 people attending. Most were there to honor Steve Shuman, a longtime person involved in early childhood profession in Massachusetts and was a pioneer in bringing the issue of gender balance and men in childcare to the forefront.

MenTeach E-News - April 2009

1) Watch a video from two years ago about the lack of male teachers in New Zealand
2) Read the President of ECNewZealand's perspective after two years of work
3) Turning trash into treasures - a man who recycles for children
4) What are the biggest obstacles you see a man facing when he begins to teach?
5) Is it worth it to substitute teach in schools to get experience?
6) Do states have reciprocity for teaching licenses?
7) Norway - Changing Gender Roles
8) New Role for the ece-men Listserv

An Evening with Ed Klugman - 59 Years in Early Childhood Education!

Dr. Ed Klugman has been working in the Early Childhood profession for 59 years, from the era of Joe McCarthy to the history making presidency of Barrack Obama and continues unabated.

He has inspired people for many years teaching at Wheelock College and continues to inspire males in the field of early education and care.

New Role for the ece-men Listserv

Bruce Sheppard - ECE-Men Listserv Moderator
In the beginning (before there was a website) there was an ece-men listserv. A true listserv is an email program where you send an email to a central site and it gets distributes to everyone who has subscribed to this program.  Answers to this email also gets sent out to everyone on the subscription list, which stands now at about 90 email addresses.  The ece-men listserv was launched in January 2001 and has served the men and women who support men in early childhood education quite well since then.  

MenTeach E-News - March 2009

1) Tips for dealing with false accusations

[MenTeach:  Last month there were two incorrect links. They are correct now.]
2) Have you ever experienced a negative reaction from a parent about being gay?
3) Where are all the men? A parent's perspective

4) One man says 'yes' to teaching, another says 'no' - what do you say?
5) A man who loves children - see the photos
6) A Guy Walks Into a Preschool
7) Male teachers in Eastern Europe
8) Research Survey about male teachers

Steve Shuman Award & Events of Men in Early Education and Care

Friday, March 27- 5-6:30PM
Reception in Support of Men in Early Education and Care
The presentation of the First Annual Steve Shuman Award in Support of Men in Early Education and Care to Steve Shuman at the Massachusetts Education for the Education of Young Children  (MassAEYC) Annual Conference at the Westford Regency Inn, Westford MA

Saturday, March 28, 2009- 1:15-2:45 PM

MenTeach E-News - February 2009

1) I know why you picked teaching
2) Women supporting male teachers
3) Being falsely accused by students seeking revenge
4) Research about male teachers in Europe
5) Where are all the men? A parent's perspective
6) Why can't I get a job?
7) See a future, potential member of male teachers
8) Just Say NO, to No Touch by Don Piburn
9) Have you ever experienced a negative reaction from a parent about being gay?
10) Resources - Do you need money to go to become a teacher?

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Men Teacher events in New England, USA

The CAYL Institute will sponsor at the Men's Interest Forum Reception on Friday, March 27, 5 - 6:30 PM, at the MassAEYC Conference. The network MenTeach - New England (Men in Education Network) will be on hand to answer questions. This event is free and all are welcome to attend. For more information and to RSVP, please contact Craig Simpson, or 617-623-9293.

NHAEYC Conference and Men in Education Workshop

MenTeach E-News - January 2009

1) Listen to MenTeach on national radio
2) Are there more men going to school to be teachers
3) A man who loves teaching
4) Primary principals seek more real men
5) In Australia - women principals outnumber men
6) Men helping children during disasters
7) American Federation of Teachers reports about male teachers
8) Quality Childcare: The Missing Element - Men
9) Mr. Rogers firmly believed men should teach
10) Resources - Find out about what each state requires for a teacher license

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MenTeach E-News - December 2008

1) Call Me Mister researcher
2) Hunt is on for more men to lead classrooms
3) Obama win could have effects within classroom
4) Interviewing over 130 teens for summer program
5) A bit of history about male teachers in the United Kingdom
6) Plan to revitalize a European men in childcare network
7) Research - Male Students Referred to Special Education More Than Female Students
8) Male director hiring male teachers in Australia
9) Saving our black boys
10) Resources - Seen any good movies about male teachers? Check these out!

MenTeach E-News - November 2008

1) Boys want male teachers - read a new study
2) My son had an amazing experience teaching
3) Every Head Start required to indicate male involvement
4) It's like having four hundred grand kids
5) ABCNews report continues to attract some controversial comments
6) Research - Early childhood textbook images reflect rules for male teachers
7) Can a male teacher who is gay be open about it?
8) Do you want to be a television star?
9) The missing father: How male teachers are seen by students from divorced settings

Northeastern Men Meet

Craig Simpson - NE USA
A year ago (2007) four of us met in the backyard of Jeffrey Robbins' house near Hanover, New Hampshire.

Last month in late October, 2008, we had seven men on Jerry Parr's porch in Londonderry, New Hampshire. That's almost twice the size. It actually seemed like more things were happening this time around.

MenTeach E-News - October 2008

1) Male teachers are vital role models according to another study
2) False accusations hurt male teachers - one man's story
3) Male teachers crucial as role models
4) MenTeach appears on ABC News Good Morning America
5) Promoting Gender Diversity in the Massachusetts Early Childhood Workforce
6) Can you help my son be a teacher?
7) Male teacher: Looking for a teaching job
8) Discovery Channel looking for some fathers
9) Teaching following retirement from corporate world
10) Resources - Do you want to teach? Find out how...

MenTeach - E-News - September 2008

1) Children benefit by having male teachers – read an interesting response
2) What is "male" culture?
3) New grant and loan forgiveness legislation
4) Are men in ECE really so special?
5) A plea for help: Policies against touch
6) The mistrusted male teacher – parental bias
7) It’s going GREAT! The experiences of a former attorney
8) It's not who, but how, boys are taught
9) Get your free DVD about men teachers...
10) Resources – Do you need some money to pay for school?

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MenTeach E-News - July 2008

1) Teacher Shortage or Teacher Turnover?
2) Ex-soldiers to be hired early for teaching jobs
3) From software engineer to math teacher
4) A tough job market for men teachers?
5) Some did not find the cartoon funny. What do you think?
6) Teacher Shortage or Teacher Turnover
7) Looking at past postings - advice to male teachers
8) Finland: Incentives for Male Teacher Trainees?
9) Read about some of the interesting men and women who attended the Working Forum
10) Resources - Find out about resources and websites about men teaching.

MenTeach May 2008 E-News

MenTeach: We're sorry about the tardiness of our newsletter for the last two months. It's been a very successful and busy year. Read all about what is happening in the world of Men Teaching!

1) Commercial pilot lands new career in classroom.
2) Medic wants to become a teacher, how does he do it?
3) A first in history: Working Forum Men In Early Childhood Education.
4) More men enroll in university teacher course.
5) Need a little humor? Check out the editorial cartoon.
6) Are you a Teacher? Complete a survey - spread the word.

T. Berry Brazelton Supports Men Teaching

by Kitt Cox
TBarryBrazeltonT. Berry Brazelton attending a gathering of men and women in Massachusetts about men teaching.

Where are the Men? Exploring Gender Diversity in the Early Childhood Workforce

Three nationally-known speakers will present their views on this topic and engage in dialogue with participants. They collectively hold a wealth of experience and insight in the field of early education:

Bringing Together Men in Early Education and Care professions - Massachusetts

Bringing Together Men in Early Education and Care professions on April 11 - 12 at Mass AEYC annual conference at Westford Regency Inn, Westford, MA

Friday April 11 at 7 pm join men from all over New England to discuss the iniatation of a regional men's Interest Forum
Workshop - Men in Early Childhood: Saturday April 12.

For more information contact

Men for Excellence in Elementary Education

I just wanted to make folks aware of the "Mizzou Men for Excellence in Elementary Education" (MMEET) program at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Info about the program is available at: Go to MMEET
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