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Childcare should be 'actively promoted' as a career for men

by Meredith Jones Russell - Nursery World
The Government should do more to encourage boys and men to work in the childcare sector, according to a new briefing by the Fatherhood Institute.

The document calls on the Government to require careers advisers to actively promote childcare jobs to boys and men, while supporting girls and women in choosing careers that are not traditionally considered ‘female’.

The man who would be a nursery teacher in Vietnam

by Pham Viet Thang - Vietnam News
Most red-blooded males want to be spacemen, fire-fighters, bus drivers, fighter pilots, engineers, doctors... but not Le Dang Hanh, 26. He is never happier than when he is dancing, singing and playing games with his young charges. Hanh is a teacher at Quynh Phuong nursery school in Quynh Luu District in the central province of Nghe An.

Project in Scotland launches to increase number of young men in childcare sector

by Julia Corbett, News Editor - Day Nurseries United Kingdom
Childcare Management Company (CMC) has secured Youth in Partnership World (YIP) as its partner for a new project addressing the extremely low number of male workers in the childcare sector.

Pakistan schools get 89 teachers

PakistanThe elementary and secondary education department has appointed 89 male teachers to primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools in the district.

“The appointments have been made on merit and in line with the government’s policy,” DDEO Sharifullah Khan told Dawn on Wednesday.

President Carmona: We need male teachers in Trinidad

By Elizabeth Williams - Trinidad
President Anthony Carmona is again calling for more male teachers in classrooms throughout the country.

He pleaded for the authorities in the education system to address the matter yesterday. His words came during the ceremony for President's Medals for achievers in Education at President's House in Tobago.

Where Did All the Male Teachers Go? France Worries That Boy Students May Be Suffering

By Marie-Estelle Pech - Le Figaro
This post is in partnership with Worldcrunch, a new global-news site that translates stories of note in foreign languages into English. The article below was originally published in Le Figaro.

Men in early child care Radio Interview in Australia

by Craig d'Arcy - Austrailia
Look around at your local child care centre and see if there are many men. Most likely there will be none, perhaps if you're lucky one or two. Should there be more men looking after our young children? And if there should be more, why aren't there?

Craig d'Arcy

February 13, 2013

Appreciating men in early childhood - special session given in Malaysian convention

by Hajjah Mahanom Basri - President Selangor Childcare Associations - Malaysia
We are organising a special convention of early childhood educators in May 31, 2014 at the Selangor State Building Auditorium, Malaysia.

We will gather more than one thousand people in the industry including Childcare and kindergarten operators, college/ university students taking early childhood education, teachers and childcare providers, parents plus interested individuals.

New Zealand early education sector one of the most sexist

by Dr. Sarah Farquhar -

New Zealand’s early childhood education system is one of the most sexist in the world with far too few men teaching in the sector and the Government has no immediate plans to correct the imbalance.

This does not surprise Dr Sarah Farquhar, whose Massey University research in 1997 first revealed problems for the early childhood education sector of men not being encouraged into teaching and supported to remain in teaching.

Deputy Prime Minister's wife hails 'cojones' of men who do childcare

by Patrick Wintour, political editor
Miriam González Durántez on Wednesday interrupted a speech by her husband Nick to speak out in favour of fathers who look after their children, saying they have "more cojones".

Her remarks came as the deputy prime minister made a speech in which he attacked "old-fashioned" bosses who "raise an eyebrow" when men ask for time off to look after their children.
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