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Deputy Prime Minister's wife hails 'cojones' of men who do childcare

by Patrick Wintour, political editor
Miriam González Durántez on Wednesday interrupted a speech by her husband Nick to speak out in favour of fathers who look after their children, saying they have "more cojones".

Her remarks came as the deputy prime minister made a speech in which he attacked "old-fashioned" bosses who "raise an eyebrow" when men ask for time off to look after their children.

A man's world in Australia?

by Nicole Chettle for the Midday Report
Climbing the corporate ladder can be tough, especially if you're a woman, but there are an increasing number of men finding it hard to break into traditionally female-dominated professions.

There's vigorous debate about whether there should be quotas to boost their numbers on boards and, as advocates continue to seek a fair go for females, what happens to men in jobs dominated by women?

Early years development: Why it is a job for the boys

by Jane Haywood
One of the first clear calls from the coalition government for the early years sector was to encourage greater gender equality in the workforce. But with the number of men in the sector staying static at just 2%, it doesn't seem the message is getting through.

The benefits to reversing this trend are clear. Some young children lack a positive male role model and a male early years worker could provide this.

Canadian teacher puts his best foot forward

By Bryan Passifiume - QMI Agency
While being a male elementary school teacher in today's world isn't exactly blazing any new trails, they're still a rare commodity in what is still a predominantly female-dominated occupation.

The Co-operative Childcare has launched a campaign to boost the number of male nursery workers in the UK.

by Sue Learner - - News Editor
It is planning to lead the way in eradicating gender stereotypes about childcare practitioners by promising to increase its own male workforce to 10 per cent, which is well above the national average.

South Africa Research: Abuse perceptions alienating male teachers

by Bongani Nkosi - IOS News
Male teachers are being alienated from working in the country’s primary schools, largely by the societal stigma that portrays them as paedophiles, according to new research.

Men in Early Childhood Education at the World Forum 2014 in Puerto Rico

Join over 800 early childhood professionals from more than 80 nations in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for a life-changing experience!

8th Annual ECMenz Summit in New Zealand - March 7 - 9, 2014

Men and women are warmly invited to attend the Summit of the Early Childhood Men in NZ Assn (ECMenz). Friday will consist of political and research presentations and panels. Saturday will include fun learning workshops and roundtables on various gender, initial teacher education and workforce topics.

Men teaching in Ireland

The Irish News reported statistics earlier in the week illustrating how the decline in the number of male primary school teachers has continued in spite of initiatives aimed at increasing males into the profession (though the paper does not outline the nature of these employer-led efforts.)

In the current academic year, just 1,307 of the 8,473 primary school teachers were male, representing just 15% of the profession. Of these, some 60% of the males were aged 40 or older.

Top male teachers at Erdiston College in Barbados praise programmes

Principal of Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Barbara Parris is always happy when male teachers participate in the programmes offered by the College.

She is even happier when they gain distinctions and top classes, which are year by year, female dominated.

Male teachers for kindergarten schools in Vietnam

By staff writers - Translated by Uyen Phuong
Ho Chi Minh City is seriously lacking in qualified nursery male schoolteachers, since there are few takers for kindergarten teaching, said the city Department of Education and Training.

Figures from the Department show that out of 10 preschool-trained graduates, two quit their jobs while eight male teachers give up the profession altogether. As a result, the city is in dire shortage of male preschool teachers.

Male educators sought in south New Zealand

by Lauren Hayes - Southland Times
Educators are urging more Southland men to train as early childhood education teachers, with only three working in the region.

The latest Annual Census of Early Childhood Education Services figures, released by the Ministry of Education and relating to June 2012, show only three of the 367 licensed early childhood teachers working in Southland were male.

Research: Why female teachers predominate in France

by Letizia Orlandi - West
In France, male teachers are disappearing, especially in kindergartens and primary schools, where they now make up less than 18%. The percentage of male teachers is slightly higher in junior and high schools. This has been a trend for at least 60 years and at national level, only 30.8% of staff in public education are male. Why do men allow women to dominate teaching? asks Dares, which publishes the data?

Black male headteachers in England's state schools number just 30

by Jessica Shepherd, education correspondent - Guardian
There are just 30 black male headteachers in England's 21,600 state schools, official figures obtained by the Guardian show, triggering accusations that the country's education system is "institutionally racist".

Teacher winner of a NZI Sustainable Business Network Award

Auckland kindergarten teacher Adam Buckingham has won one of New Zealand's top environmental awards.

The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards, which have been running for 10 years, are the pre-eminent and longest-standing sustainability awards in New Zealand.

Adam Buckingham's "Turning Trash into Treasure for Young Children" won in the Community Impact Category.

Men in Early Childhood Education in Singapore

Over the last several years, there has been a growing number of male teachers working in early childhood development programs in Singapore. But being new in this profession, with few role models or mentors to guide them, they lack the psychological and social support needed to make them genuinely comfortable in this profession.

Estonian National Strategy Aims to Increase Share of Male Teachers to 25%

Estonia Public Broadcasting
One of the goals of the Ministry of Education's newly-drafted lifelong learning strategy for 2014-2020 is to increase the share of young teachers and male teachers, reported.

In 2012, 85.7 percent of teachers were women, in one example of the traditional gender gap that appears to be more strongly entrenched in Estonia compared with its neighbors in the region.

New Zealand - Men in Early Childhood Education National Summit – Call for Papers

Men in Early Childhood Education National Summit – Call for Papers
7- 8 MARCH 2014

The theme for the national EC-Menz Summit to be held next year in March in Wellington, New Zealand is "Lifting the Lid on Gender Issues in Early Childhood Education".

Research: Turkish Female Preschool Teachers' Attitude toward Male Preschool Teachers While Hiring Job

Middle Eastern & African Journal of Educational Research, Issue 3, 2013, 107
This research was conducted to understand the attitudes of female preschool teachers' towards male preschool teachers while hiring job. In the research there were two CVs which have all the same features except their genders. These CVs were given to female preschool teachers to assess them as hiring job. These questions were; Do you think this teacher would be a good teacher? Would you hire this person as a preschool teacher?

Male Kindergarten Teacher to Principal in China

[MenTeach: We covered Zhu Jun's work as kindergarten teacher and now principal in past articles. September 2010, January 2011.]

When Zhu Jun graduated from East China Normal University in Shanghai in 2003, he dared not tell anyone he had found a job as a kindergarten teacher.

German government campaigns for more male kindergarten teachers

It is still an unusual picture: Karsten Röttjer, a 1.90 meters (6'3 inches) tall male, surrounded by young girls and boys. Physical education is on the schedule today. The children bustle around the kindergarten teacher. Physical education is always exciting for the children and with their new kindergarten teacher Röttjer it is even more fun. "I noticed that some of the kids are totally focused on me.

China trains male preschool teachers

China Daily/Asia News Network
Education authorities in south China are training male preschool teachers to provide suitable male role models in kindergartens, traditionally dominated by female teachers.

Yang Linyun is among 100 male students who were recruited and subsidized by the government in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to be trained as preschool teachers.

Men act as great role models in nursery settings

Men in childcare are great roles models for children missing a father figure in their life, according to male nursery nurse Simon Austin.

Simon is a nursery nurse at the Walton-le-Dale setting of Carr Manor nursery and represents one of only 3% of males within the early years sector.

Shanghai's male kindergarten principal is a class act

China Daily/Asia News Network
Zhu Jun's first semester as a kindergarten principal has come to an end, leaving him feeling exhausted yet enlightened.

"The semester was really rewarding, because I accumulated a great deal of experience. But I feel a bit tired," the 29-year-old says.

Ireland: More men returning to primary teaching

by Dick Ahlstrom - Irish Times
That rare thing in primary education – a male teacher – will be more in evidence this morning as new junior infants and their classmates troop into school. There has been a persistent drift of men back into primary school teaching after decades of domination of the profession by women.

Women teachers on the rise in Congo, Africa

by Laudes Martial Mbon (AFP)
At the Itsali primary school, on a dusty road near Brazzaville's airport, all but one of the 20 teachers are women, a sign of the major gender shift in the Republic of Congo's educational system over the past two decades.

The small school employs almost exclusively women, from its directors and teachers to administrators and secretaries.

Azerbaijani women prevail over men in teaching

By Nazrin Gadimova - AZERNEWS
The Ministry of Education has cited the reasons for the number of male teachers being below that of female teachers in the secondary schools of Azerbaijan.

Besides the salary, the small number of men involved in teaching is being influenced by other factors related to business activity and other issues, the ministry said on August 20.

Teacher believes no job is more important than teaching

by Luke Warren - Kent & Sussex
Schoolchildren in Crawley could be growing up with a lack of male role models in their lives.

Less than a quarter of teachers in town are male and four Crawley schools have no male teachers whatsoever.

Salaries of up to $99,000 and 12 weeks vacation

by Yasmine Phillips - The Sunday Times
Salaries of up to $99,000, 12 weeks holiday and the chance to shape the next generation: they're the selling points that will be put to WA students to boost the number of men taking up teaching.

In the wake of new lows in male teacher numbers, Education Minister Peter Collier met the heads of the Catholic and public primary school principal bodies this week to map out a plan to stem the exodus.

From Rugby to Kids: Tackling the Little Issues

by Lisa Power - The Daily Telegraph
He's tackling a new career - but this time the team is a whole lot smaller.

Former Sharks NRL star Colin Best has traded football for childcare - and loves it.

"It is so rewarding to see the older kids getting ready for big school," he said.

"My main involvement is the maintenance and accounts and admin guy.
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