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Kindergartens encourage male teachers in New Zealand

Nelson Tasman Kindergartens are serious about attracting more men to early childhood education, following recent media reports identifying a lack of men in this area.

Nelson Tasman Kindergartens CEO Wendy Logan says it is a serious issue, especially as research shows that children learn the most from good role models.

German Coordination office Men in ECE Newsletter

by Dr. Tim Rohrmann - Coordination office men in ECE
The year 2011 has seen a rise in interest in the theme of gender balance in the ECEC work force, at least in Germany. We have now contact with experts from 19 countries worldwide who are interested in issues of gender and male/female workers in ECEC. With this newsletter, we inform about some previous and forthcoming events.

17 million dollars to Recruit More Men in Early Childhood Education and Care in Germany

In Germany, on 1st October 2010, the European Social Fund (ESF) programme "More Men in Early Childhood Education and Care" was launched. The three-year programme consists of 16 pilot projects in 13 federal states across Germany and has received a grant of 13 million Euros. The programme which will run until the end of 2013, will strive to find ways of recruiting more male educators for ECCE centres.

New Zealand - Men in Early Childhood Education Annual Summit 2012

The Annual National Gathering for men who work or study in Early Childhood Education.

Saturday 17th -Sunday 18th March 2012

Top Ten Motor Camp, Whanganui

Phone & Fax: 06 343 8402
Free Phone: 0800 272 664

If you know a man interested in, or thinking of working in ECE encourage him to attend.

Demand for male early childhood teachers cannot be met

While an increasing number of New Zealand families would like men to be teaching their under fives, the men are not there to be employed, says an early childhood organisation that represents 1100 centres nationwide.

Chief Executive of the Early Childhood Council, Peter Reynolds said today that early childhood centres would employ many more male teachers if such teachers existed. And he called for teacher trainers 'to get more active in the promotion of our sector to men'.

Blokes-in-kindy challenge

by Simon Wong - The Marlborough Express
Marlborough's only male kindergarten teacher is encouraging other men to "throw the stigma out the window" and join the profession.

Michael Clark, the head teacher at Springlands Kindergarten, said he wanted men to forget about what people might think about them being in early childhood education.

More male teachers are needed in Victorian schools to help boys perform better, a new teacher survey shows

by Samantha Maiden - Sunday Herald Sun
The survey shows teachers believe little is being done to address the performance gap between girls and boys.

The Sunday Herald Sun can reveal the findings of the latest Staff in Australia Schools survey, which asked more than 15,000 teachers and principals about their working conditions.

The report found fewer than one in five primary school teachers is male, with the number of female teachers rising in the 2010 survey to 81 per cent.

Male teacher 'only planned a small stint'

by Amanda Durry - Ashburton Guardian
Peter Harper moved to Methven with the intention of only staying a couple of years. Now, 31 years later, he's ended his career at Mount Hutt College and finds himself in a strange place - the job market. His departure isn't retirement; it's just a change of scenery. Mr Harper came from a teaching family - his mother taught English, his father taught mathematics.

A man in a female dominated profession in Vietnam

Tuoi Tre News
Tran Do Hoang Anh has been teaching preschool kids at Vanh Khuyen Kindergarten in Thu Duc District, HCMC for the last 7 years.

Tran Do Hoang Anh changes the common perception that only women can be preschool teachers.

Hoang Anh, who has been teaching preschool kids at Vanh Khuyen Kindergarten in Thu Duc District, HCMC for the last 7 years, is indeed a rare case.

Attracting More Men to Child Care - How to...and why you should

It's a well known fact: the vast majority of people working in child care are females. Figures from the ABS show that at least 95 per cent of the working population of child care workers are female.

Attracting men to the industry is difficult and complicated: there are issues surrounding parental suspicion of men and the idea that child care is 'women's work', the low pay and status of child care workers have also been identified as a deterrent.

58% rise in Welsh male graduates opting for teaching

by BBC
Wales has three times as many women teachers as their male counterparts and the gap is growing, says the General Teaching Council for Wales (GTCW).

The GTCW said the situation was worse at primary level where women teachers outnumber men by more than five-to-one.

Male teachers in Malta

by MaltaToday
University gender ratios show women overtaking men in humanities, education, laws and business degrees

With women outnumbering men by a ratio of four to one among aspirant teachers, the male teacher is at risk of becoming a dying breed.

Statistics issued by the university from its 11 faculties show that only 265 of 1,418 students currently attending the Faculty of Education are men.

Kidsfirst leads the pack in boosting men in ECE in New Zealand

by Kidsfirst Kindergartens Templeton
Men make up just 1.6 percent of New Zealand’s early childhood workforce, one of the worst male participation rates in the western world – but the South Island’s largest kindergarten provider is taking a strong stance in addressing this statistic, and enriching the early childhood education environment with a greater gender balance.

Call for men to teach, become role models

By Meg Rayner - The Courier in Australia
They are the minority in every staff room but are highly in demand.

Male teachers make up just one-fifth of the teaching population in Victorian state schools.

In the Grampians region, there are 700 male teachers and 1328 female teachers in state schools.

For the Catholic diocese of Ballarat, there are 934 female teachers and just 397 males.

Seeking more male teachers in Barbados

. . . The whining schoolboy with his satchel and shining morning face, creeping like snail unwillingly to school. - William Shakespeare

There are just not enough male schoolteachers, says Captain Errol Brathwaite. And it won't be the first time the utterance has been made by an educator.

University Sees More Men Applying to be Primary Teachers

The number of men applying to Bath Spa University to be primary school teachers this year has risen dramatically.

The 66% increase in applications mirrors a national trend: figures announced by the Training and Development Agency for Schools ( TDA ) show a 52% rise in the number of men applying to primary teacher education programmes in England.

The rise is attributed largely to the economic recession, with redundancies and unemployment making teaching an increasingly attractive option.

African American male teacher shortage & programs fixing the problem

by Octavia Mitchell - WCBD - TV
It's a nationwide problem, the shortage of black male teachers. Only two-percent of the nation's nearly five million teachers are African American.

Watch the video story

Lots of men in this New South Wales Program

Male teachers are becoming rarer in New South Wales public schools, but these four teachers from Bowen Public School aren’t planning on going anywhere soon.

The men share decades of public school teaching experience between them and are standing strong in a public sector that is seeing a decrease in male employees.

We’re bucking trend on male teachers

By Leah Strug - The Shields Gazette
South Tyneside is bucking the trend when it comes to the number of male teachers in primary schools.

New figures released by the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) show more than a quarter of schools in the country (27.2 per cent) have no male teacher.

But only eight of the borough’s 46 primary schools (17.4 per cent) have no men in their classrooms.

Primary level teaching sees rise in male applicants

By Tristan Stewart-Robertson -
More men are applying to be primary school teachers but male role models in early education remain stubbornly low, according to new figures.

At Dundee University, applications from men for courses are up by almost a quarter compared to 2008-09 while they are up by 12.3 per cent at the University of Aberdeen.

Daddy Daycare Planned in New Zealand

by Dr. Sarah Farquar - New Zealand - Child Care Forum
We could be seeing dads working as educators and more kids benefiting from contact with men if Dean Severinsen has his way.

Less than 2% of staff employed at childcare and kindergarten centres are men, and men are even scarcer in licensed home-based ECE.  

Many children in NZ spend little or no time in the company of a responsible male adult.  Few Dads get the opportunity to spend meaningful periods of time with their own children.

Singapore: More men entering early education

By Ng Jing Yng - Today - ChannelNewsAsia
In the woman-dominated industry of pre-school educators, Mr Patrick Magno - who teaches at Kinderland - is a rarity.

But the situation is gradually changing, according to pre-school operators.

NTUC First Campus, which operates more than 90 childcare centres in Singapore, now has seven male pre-school teachers. Three years ago, it had none.

Men In ECE in Canada

Ron Blatz, Director Discovery Center
As a follow up to the great meeting we had in June with our friends from Ontario I submit this summary of the work they are doing and encourage you to follow the links that lead to great material.

A Sault Ste. Marie/Algoma District Campaign

Guyana campaign announced to reverse male teacher shortage

The Ministry of Education yesterday announced that it is embarking on a "robust" marketing and recruitment drive to reverse the decline of male teachers.

United Kingdom drive shows success bringing men into childcare

by Jonathan Portlock - Surrey Comet
A campaign to attract more men into childcare in Surrey has seen unprecedented interest, it has been revealed.

Since the campaign was launched by Surrey County Council (SCC) in April, almost 100 men have made inquiries to the local authority about getting involved.

Thirty-seven men recently took part in an information session given by staff at the Early Years and Childcare Service, the first time any men have attended such an even in Surrey.

A website set up to give men information on working in childcare has also attracted more than 3,000 visitors.

Aboriginal Men in Early Childhood Education about 25 percent

by Heather Robbins - Interlake Spectator
Gaining a new perspective on early childhood education was the goal of three Peguis men who visited a small British Columbia community in early February.

Daniel Cook, of the Peguis daycare, Richard Daniels and Wayne Bear, of the Peguis Aboriginal Head Start program, were guests in Klemtu on Swindle Island, approximately 219 kilometres north of Port Hardy.

It will soon rain men at kindergartens in China

If you think only women are interested in teaching kindergarten kids, it's time to think the opposite.

More than 10,000 men in East China's Jiangsu province have reportedly applied for a five-year training program to teach in preschools. But the program, conducted by three normal colleges in Nanjing, can only enroll 300.

Male Teachers in Malta

by James Debono - MaltaNews
Male teachers are already a rarity in Maltese primary schools, statistics issued by the Ministry of Education show. Fifteen of Malta's primary schools are entirely staffed by female teachers, with statistics showing that 650 of 790 primary school teachers are female.

Grand Bahamas male teachers take part in one-day seminar

by Genea Noel - Freeport News Reporter
In the wake of the many sexual allegation cases that rocked the nation involving teachers and students, male teachers from various schools on the island participated in a one-day seminar hosted

by the Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) yesterday to share their concerns about the profession.
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