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Men in Early Childhood Education in Austria

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In Austria, public debate about Early Childhood Education and Care continues. Plans to offer at least the last year of pre-school education free of charge, as well as steps to raise vocational education from secondary to tertiary level, are in broad discussion now.

Websites about male teachers in Germany and Europe

[MenTeach: There are several interesting websites available in Europe that are in English reports Dr. Tim Rohrmann who works in the Coordination office men in ECE out of Berlin, Germany. Check out several of the sites - you'll find some exciting new work!]

Male primary teacher numbers in Wales

By Colette Hume - BBC Wales education correspondent
The number of male primary teachers in Wales currently stands at 2,140, compared to 11,807 women.

Children's Commissioner for Wales Keith Towler said the trend was worrying.

According to figures from the General Teaching Council for Wales (GTCW), women make up 84.7% of registered primary school teachers.

Mr Towler said children need positive male role models, especially during their early years.

Men's work in the United Kingdom

[MenTeach: See what other community organizations are doing to recruit more men to teaching].

Vietnamese male kindergarten teacher one of a kind

Hoan was one of two male students among thousands of females but his determination showed men can be kindergarten teachers too.

Lai Cong Hoan, 29, begins his work day by singing Chau Di Mau Giao (I go to kindergarten) with students in his Vu Ninh Commune kindergarten classroom in northern Thai Binh Province.

Good for the goose, why not the gander? Irish men caring for young children

by Roisin Ingle - Irish Times - Northern Ireland
As a self-employed joiner, Co Down man Patrick Coulter used to spend his working life organising sub contractors and chasing clients for unpaid bills. Now he earns a wage from, among other duties, icing fairy cakes, putting plasters on knees and telling stories.

Kindergarten teacher receives Award in Canada

by Fred Sherwin - Orleans Online - Ottawa, Canada
Infant kindergarten teacher Greg McGlynn stands among a group of students after receiving the Magic 100 Golden Apple Award on Thursday.

There was a time, not that long ago, when the ultimately sign of respect a student could show his teacher was to place a shinny red apple on the teacher's desk.

Looking for male role models in Australia

by Kate Lemmon - Queensland Times - Australia
Primary school children risk facing a lack of adult male role models, as fewer than 20 per cent of primary school teachers are male.

While the number of female primary school teachers continue to grow, it appears male educators are a rare breed.

Mark Osborne, from Immaculate Heart Primary, is one of only two male teachers at the Leichhardt school.

Male teacher crisis falls off the agenda

by Bruce McDougall - The Daily Telegraph - Australia
Children face going through school without ever having a male teacher because of falling numbers of men in primary schools.

Male teacher numbers in Government primary schools have dropped below 20 per cent for the first time in a decade as classrooms become female-dominated.

Where have South Australia's male teachers gone?

by Lauren Novak - The Advertiser
Fewer than one in five students studying teaching in the state's universities and TAFEs are male as the exodus of men from schools worsens.

South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre figures for 2009 show there are 152 males (or 19 per cent) and 650 females enrolled in teaching courses.

Lack of male primary teachers sparks concerns in United Kingdom

Fewer than one in eight Sheffield primary school teachers is a man - sparking new fears boys are not interacting with the male role models they need during their most formative years.

Only 215 men are currently teaching in city primaries, compared with 1,588 women - and the picture has barely changed over the last decade.

Vietnam: Lack of male teachers reinforces stereotypes

by Ha Nguyen - Vietnam News
Chu Hoang Tung's parents were very surprised to see a man teaching their son's class when Tung entered the fifth grade at Le Ngoc Han Primary School.

Tung's mother Nguyen Thi Thoa says she had never seen a male primary school teacher when her older daughter, now a university student, was in school.

Male teachers in Canada primary grades

by Angelica Blenich - Canada
Jim Hopkins strolls through the playground outside of Stuart Baker Elementary School. The sounds of children playing fill the air as school buses roll into the parking lot and students prepare to head home for the day.

Hopkins spots a young boy walking next to the slide with a large piece of driftwood in his hands.

He makes his way over to the student.

Adam Buckingham, of New Zealand, receives grant to recruit male teachers

by Michelle Robinson - North Shore Times New Zealand
A Kindergarten teacher is using a scholarship to encourage other men into the profession.

Male teacher numbers decline in parts of Australia

by Julieanne Strachan
Canberra, Australia has the smallest proportion of male teachers in the country and their numbers are in decline, with less than a quarter of educators in government schools now men.

Parents' groups say the disparity is worrying because children may be missing out on the benefits of having male role models in the classroom and losing out on the teaching styles men bring to the profession.

Kindergarten male nanny in China - watch the english video news report

Speaking of kindergarten nannies, the first picture that pops into our heads is usually of those tender, versatile female nannies. But in a kindergarten in Nanjing, a male nanny is doing a great job.

The Daddy Day carers

by Jane Hansen - The Daily Telegraph - UK
These young men are pioneers in child care, one of the few professions dominated by women.

They have broken down the gender barrier, daily proving their proficiency in looking after children as young as two.

They say they have one of the best jobs in the world, and parents at the centre are overwhelmingly happy.

Barbados needs more male teachers.

By Trevor Yearwood - Barbados' News Leader
Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, made this admission yesterday, while saying that more men were applying to teach.

He told reporters females were doing their best in the classroom but there were certain things males were better suited to do to help schoolboys - and even girls.

Council looking at ways to boost 'role models' for primary pupils

by Anika Bourley - Telegraph & Argus - UK
There are 156 local authority primary schools across the district, but according to figures released by the Department for Education, there are 19 primary schools across Bradford with only female teachers.

The problem is mirrored across the country despite attempts by the previous Government to increase numbers.

The number of men working as school teachers has reached a five-year low leading to concerns about a lack of positive male role models.

No male teachers at nearly 100 primary schools

by Anika Bourley Parliamentary Correspondent - United Kingdom
More than one third of primary schools across Cumbria have no male teachers.

There are 275 local authority primary schools across the county, but, according to figures released by the Department for Education, there are 99 primary schools across Cumbria with only female teachers.

The problem is mirrored across the country despite attempts by the previous Government to increase numbers.

The number of men working as school teachers has reached a five-year low leading to concerns about a lack of positive male role models.

1 in 4 primary schools has no male teachers

by Richard Garner, Education Editor
Almost one million primary school pupils are taught in schools without a male teacher - fuelling concern for the performance of boys in the classroom.

Headteachers argue that the lack of male role models, particularly for boys from single-parent homes brought up by just their mother, can send a signal to boys about the importance attached to their education.

More male teachers wanted

by Greg Burns - Buckinghamshire, UK
A MEN-ONLY teacher taster course is being put on by the county council help encourage more men into the profession.

In 2001/02 there were around 1,500 men teaching in the county but a Government campaign has seen that rise up to 2,341 in 2008/09.

To help boost numbers Bucks County Council are holding their a three-day seminar in September which will include a school placement.

Chinese kindergartens seek more gender balance

by Liu Meng - Global Times, China
[MenTeach: The following perpetuates some stereotypes that MenTeach believes does more harm than good trying to recruit more male teachers. You'll find this same argument - that lacking male teachers causes boys to be more feminine - going back to the 1800s in different parts of the world.]

Malaysian Ministry to recruit more male teachers

by Sonia Ramachandransonia - New Straits Times
The Malaysian Education Ministry will set a quota and take in a stipulated percentage of men every year for teaching posts to address the dearth of male teachers in schools.

Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom is confident the imposition of a quota will rectify the situation.

Dwindling number of Malaysian male teachers in school comes as no surprise.

Recently, a young teacher friend of mine, mentioned her brother's wish to be a teacher. Having seen his sister's wonderful involvement with her students, it dawned on him that teaching would be a good career. Yet, the advice given by my friend to her sibling was nonetheless a reality that has to faced:

Children need male role models in the classroom

by Jasper Hamill - Herald Scotland
Scottish men are beings urged to take on key jobs with young children, such as nursery and primary school teachers - roles they avoid for fear of being suspected as paedophiles.

The Scottish Government wants more men to get involved in early years education in order to provide male role models, which are lacking in children's lives.

Free Tuition and Board for Trainee Male Kindergarten Teachers in China

by Yang Zixin - Women of China
Jiangsu Province is offering free courses at pre-school primary education normal schools for male students in efforts to even out the preponderance of women in kindergarten teaching posts. It is hoped that in three-to-five years' time there will be at least one male teacher in each of the province's kindergartens.

Male teacher sessions aim to cut severe shortage of positive male role models in schools

by Sally Griffith - Ask A Mum - UK
A campaign was launched to encourage more men to become primary school teachers to counteract the shortage of male role models in schools.

The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) has organised events in schools around the country. Hundreds of men will attend the sessions in which school staff will talk about why they should join the profession.

Primary schools launch drive to recruit more male staff as only one in eight teachers is a man

by Laura Clark - UK Mail
A major new drive to recruit more male staff to primary schools was launched today as it emerged just one in eight teachers is a man.

Experts said the shortage of male primary teachers was affecting boys and denying them vital role models.

New figures show the number of male school teachers is running at a historic low of 13 per cent in primaries and 41 per cent in secondaries.

Men In Childcare Network in Ireland

In June 2004 KKCCC hosted the first Men in Childcare Conference which examined the issues of achieving a gender balance within the sector. Out of that conference a Men in Childcare Network was established and they have gone on to host two further conferences each year since.

The Men in Childcare Network support and encourage men who are interested in a career in childcare.
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