Alma Spikes Elementary in Pocahontas now has their first male elementary school teacher on staff

by Melanie Bednar -

Jacob Pipkin is not only the school's first male teacher, he is also serving as a mobile teacher this year.

Now the school stresses, that Pipkin is the first male teacher at Alma Spikes (K-2). There have been other male teachers when the school was part of MD Williams, with 3rd and 4th grade, but never have they had a male teacher since Alma Spikes opened as a K-2 school.

Pipkin teaches art and now rolls through the hallways with his cart, filled with everything from markers to hand sanitizer.

Pipkin said he is thankful for the new role and hopes to be a good mentor to all of his students.

"I remember when I was younger, the difference other good teachers made on me," he said.  "I can still think back to that and I try to be one of those teachers."

He and another teacher volunteered to go without a permanent classroom when the growing school saw the high enrollment numbers.

He did say being a mobile teacher came with some challenges, particularly involving his cart of supplies.

Pipkin said the maintenance department is working on building a more sturdy cart with bigger tires and more space.

He said being the first male teacher at the school is meaningful to him.

He hopes to serve as a good male role model for the students who may not have that at home.

August 28, 2018