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Bryan Nelson - MenTeach wins award

The Exchange Leadership Initiative (ELI) launched in November 2014, with the intention to explore strategies for making leadership more visible in the field of Early Care and Education, growing in understanding of the qualities, training, and skills sets that underlie leadership and fulfilling our responsibilities in supporting and de

Male Teachers in great demand

Former English footballer and current sports broadcaster Gary Lineker once came to my school to give an inspirational speech.

When he came in he asked “Who knows me from playing football?” The older men put their hands up. Then he asked “Who knows me from Match of the Day?” Now half the room put their hands up. Finally, he asks “Who knows me from Walkers Crisps adverts?” The whole room put their hands up.

Rapper Jahi Educates in the Classroom and From Behind the Mic

By Ericka Blount Danois - The Root
Jahi isn't your average rapper. He doesn't have to just worry about flow and lyrics when he tours with Public Enemy as part of the group PE 2.0. As an educator and pioneer of the African-American Male Achievement program in the Oakland, Calif., public school system, he has to wait until summer break, when the kids are out, to tour for his new album, InsPirEd.

NAEYC Video: The Power of Men in Early Childhood Classroom

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) conference:

Men play an integral part in the world of early childhood education, but they don’t always receive the recognition and support that they deserve. ReadyRosie delved into this serious and important topic yesterday with conference attendees.