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Male Teacher in India Makes a Difference to Young Children

Sabu Thomas has a way with the tiny ones, they take to him like flies to a sugar pie. It has been so for the past 15 years, ever since he chose to tread a path that few men opt for. Sabu is one of the two male pre-primary teachers in the state and the only one in the city.

A Young Teacher Prepares to Go Back to Class

WNYC Radio
The halls at P.S. 124 in Manhattan's Chinatown were quiet and smelled like orange air freshener. Summer school was over and Alice Hom, the principal, was showing Juhyung Harold Lee the classroom he will be using this fall.

"This is a little bigger," he said, walking into the room.

"They're bigger kids," Ms. Hom said.

Mr. Lee taught third grade last year but he will now be teaching fifth graders. Early this summer, he did not think he would be coming back at all.

My short career as a first-grade teacher

By Lewis C. Hatfield - White Mountain Independent
Having retired after three sparkling decades as a public high school teacher in Washington state, I decided to apply for a license as a substitute teacher during a two-month visit to Lakeside. On Nov. 9, 1981, feeling a little shaky and insecure, I reported to the principal of Lakeside Elementary for my first assignment.

Preparing Black Scholars for Leadership Roles in Education Can Be Key to Closing Academic Achievement Gaps

By Cassie M. Chew - Atlanta BlackStar
Representing about 2 percent of students awarded a Ph.D. in the U.S. in recent years, Black men have been missing in action as scholars and thought leaders in decision-making positions of many professions.