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Jason Williams and Jerry Parr National Award Winners

Leader of Men and Children Award winner

Jason Williams - PK teacher at Greenville Ave Child Development Center, where Deborah Henderson is Director. He has a CDA, TEEM trained, and is a T.E.A.C.H. Scholar. He started at 19 as an assistant; has been in child care for 10 years. Parents rave about Mr. Jason. One parent currently has two of his triplets in Mr. Jason's class.

India: Male teachers in city schools feel stigmatised

by Akram Mohammed - Deccan Herald - India
One of the guidelines issued to schools by the Department of Public Instruction, following an increase in cases of sexual assaults, was mandatory police verification of all male staff in schools.

Steps include ascertaining the antecedents of the teacher, by conducting background checks with their neighbours. These measures initiated by the Police has put the staff in an embarrassing situation, allege teacher associations. The male teachers were being stigmatised, they contend.

MenTeach at the National Conference in Dallas, TX

Join us at the largest early education conference in the world in Dallas, TX.  There are nu

Meeting and dinner in Dallas for men and women in education

Men, and women who support men in education,

I admire your work in the lives of young children. I depend on help from the likes of Bryan Nelson, Rodney West, and Jeff Robbins to help me balance my life as a man in the lives and classrooms of young children.