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MenTeach E-News - June 2015

MenTeach E-News
June 2015

1) Guest Blog: Reflections from a Male Educator of Color
2) Meet the Father of Paternity Leave - A Male Teacher
3) Don's Column "Just Say NO, to No Touch."
4) China to Offer Free Teacher Training to Men
5) 2015 Excellence in Teaching Awards - Jason Yabut
6) Eastern Kentucky University Academic Leadership Academy seeks to attract more males into teaching
7) Germany Attempts to Recruit Men into Child Care
8) One Day, Two Lives for a Male Student in Early Education

Why aren't we doing more to encourage men to be primary school teachers?

By Neil Lyndon - The Telegraph
Mothers outnumbered fathers at our primary school sports day last week in the normal ratio for a day in the working week – maybe 10/1.

Among the staff and volunteers organising the event, however, women outnumbered men by more like 20/1.

Meet the Mannies in the United Kingdom

By Grant Woodward - The Yorkshire Post
Why don't more men consider a career in childcare? And why should we now, for the sake of our children, be trying to close the gender gap?

One Day, Two Lives for a Male Student in Early Education

By Brandon Belmore - UW Stout - Wisconsin
Not very long ago, I was a 17-year-old teenager with no idea what I wanted to do after high school. I did not like school growing up, but I attended school so I could see my friends and of course because my parents were sending me out the door.