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Ten new University Programs to teach men teachers

MidAmerica Nazarene University announced that it is one of 10 universities nationwide selected by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education to participate in the Association’s first Networked Improvement Community (NIC).

The initiative of this group is aimed at increasing the diversity of the nation’s teacher candidate pool by focusing on recruitment of more Black and Hispanic/Latino men in teacher preparation programs.

MenTeach E-News - July 2014

MenTeach E-News
July 2014

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7) Study: Minority teachers benefit all
8) New book: Men Who Teach Young Children - An international perspective

New book: Men Who Teach Young Children - An international perspective

David Brody
Few men around the world work in daycare settings, nursery schools or kindergartens. Yet wherever they are found, men who are perceived to have crossed the gender boundary in their choice of profession are widely acclaimed as gifted educators and excellent caregivers.

Study: Minority teachers benefit all

by Freddie Allen - The Charlotte Post
Changing demographics trend toward diversity

Despite the cry from people of color for more teachers who look like them, both whites and blacks benefit from a more diverse teaching force, according to a study by Center of American Progress.