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Childcare should be 'actively promoted' as a career for men

by Meredith Jones Russell - Nursery World
The Government should do more to encourage boys and men to work in the childcare sector, according to a new briefing by the Fatherhood Institute.

The document calls on the Government to require careers advisers to actively promote childcare jobs to boys and men, while supporting girls and women in choosing careers that are not traditionally considered ‘female’.

Jefferson welcomes district's only male kindergarten teacher

by Marla K. Kuhlman - Rocky Fork Enterprise
Jefferson Elementary School will employ the district's only male kindergarten teacher this school year.

Grant Jones, 22, will teach about 20 kindergartners when classes begin Aug. 13. He will be the only man among 25 kindergarten teachers.

Jefferson principal Roben Frentzel said Jones is a great guy. She said Jefferson also is home to male teacher Kory Hartinger, who teaches third grade.

How Boston Public Schools Can Recruit and Retain Black Male Teachers

by Travis Bristol
Our guest author today is Travis J. Bristol, former high school English teacher in New York City public schools and teacher educator with the Boston Teacher Residency program, who is currently a research and policy fellow at the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) at Stanford University.

Why Are There So Few Men in Jewish Nursery School Classrooms?

by Anna Goldenberg - The Jewish Daily Forward
It's circle time in classroom four. Sixteen 5-year-olds sit on the carpet and patiently wait for the weather report. After observing Amsterdam Avenue through the large windows of the JCC in Manhattan's nursery school, a blond girl in a pink dress announces, "It's sunny and cloudy." Her peers seem content with the analysis, and the girl turns to await feedback from her teacher, a 30-year-old man with short hair, a ginger beard and freckles on his arms.

"Very good," Adam Metzger says. "There's also a word for it: overcast."