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Update for Malaysian

by Hajjah Mahanom Basri - Maylaysia
The year 2015 had brought us beautiful and meaningful memories in our Early Chilhood industry in Malaysia.

MenTeach E-News - January 2016

MenTeach E-News
January 2016

1) Where are the men in Israel’s early childhood education?
2) One Man's Early Childhood Education Journey from 1976 to 2016
3) Too few men want to teach, United Arab Emirate (UAE) minister says
4) America's Extreme Need for More Black Male Educators
5) Male teachers face shocking prejudice
6) A Male Teacher's Story - "My Road Less Traveled"
7) A fundraiser: Stories - Men in Early Childhood
8) Some Australian schools are experiencing an extreme shortage of male teachers

Book review: Male primary teachers are pushed into stereotypical leadership roles – can you guess which ones?

by John Dickens - SchoolsWeek
Talented male primary school teachers are being devalued because they get pigeon-holed into running sports classes or looking after naughty kids, a new book has claimed.

The authors of Men Teaching Children 3-11 investigated gender stereotyping in deprived schools across the north of England and London.

More men in early childhood education in New Zealand

By Lin Ferguson - Wanganui Chronicle
Four years ago: A keynote speaker at the Early Childhood MenZ Summit in Wanganui said it was heartening to see that men are now realising a career in early childhood education is a viable option.

Dunedin Early childhood education lecturer Tagiilima Feleti said the number of men showing interest in early childhood education was growing rapidly.