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Importance of Men Teachers: And Reasons Why There Are So Few

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Bryan G. Nelson

This book reports the findings from the largest national study of men and women's attitude about men working in early and elementary education. It provides details about the history of education, problems men face and the solutions to the low number of men teachers. Demographics and numerous quotes from the men and women surveyed.

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Men Who Teach Young Children - An international perspective

David Brody

David Brody has written a well-researched book presented in an engaging manner. He tells powerful stories of men caring and teaching, that you, the reader will enjoy reading and connecting with. The depth and quality of his interaction with his subjects and his observation in the classrooms are translated into valuable insights for nurture. This book will serve not only those interested in men teaching but also those interested in how teachers, in general, provide quality education, care and nurture for young children. Buy it here!

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Teachers and Accusations of Abuse

by Matthew D Olson & Gregory Lawler

Crimes against children are unspeakable. The natural instinct of our society is to protect our children at all cost. In the process, collateral damage has been done to teachers wrongly accused of abuse. Guilty Until Proven Innocent examines thirteen of Greg Lawler's cases in detail and explores the societal pressures that led to the persecution of innocent teachers. Using real cases that Lawler has litigated, the book explains the role of legislators, the media and the public in the growing phenomenon of teachers being falsely accused of abuse against students.

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Big Body Play - Why Boisterous, Vigorous, and Very Physical Play Is Essential to Children's Development and Learning

Frances M. Carlson

“Big body play”—the sometimes rowdy, always very physical running, rolling, climbing, tagging, jumping, grabbing, and wrestling that most children love and many adults try to shut down—can and should be an integral part of every early childhood setting.

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Go Where You Belong: Male Teachers as Cultural Workers in the Lives of Children, Families, and Communities

Lemuel W. Watson & C. Sheldon Woods

The purpose of this book is to continue the dialogue about the importance of men in the lives of young children and the teaching profession. By sharing their stories, male teachers in this book educate the reader about the challenges they face as men; however, their stories also offer solutions and suggestions as how to work with parents, students, peer teachers, and others in order to maximize student achievement.

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Men on a Mission: Valuing Youth Work in Our Communities

by William Marsiglio

The first comprehensive study of men who work and volunteer with kids in a variety of public settings. This engaging book brings to life diverse histories and experiences of men who have worked as coaches, teachers, youth ministers, probation officers, Big Brothers, Boys & Girls Club staff, 4-H agents, and the like.

Situating men's youth work in historical perspective and discussing the status of youth today, this original and groundbreaking analysis offers a forward-looking vision for getting men more involved in helping kids thrive.

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Think You Can Teach?: A Survival Guide for New Middle School Teachers

by Leon Avrech

Everything you wanted to know about middle school but were afraid or didn’t have time to ask. This book takes you from the time you were hired to your evaluation. Real stories and real events to help you succeed. You’ll be inspired and excited to teach.

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The Last Nine Months: Putting on My Last Diaper in Family Child Care (2003)

Manuel Kichi Wong

What! A single man working with young children, changing diapers, cooking meals, and providing educational activities with children from 14 months-4 years old? Can a man do this all by himself? After many years working in a classroom with young children and studying early childhood education, I decided to open my own family child care.

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Essential Touch

Essential Touch
Frances Carlson

Some programs have adopted no-touch policies, and others allow only a very minimal level of physical contact between teachers and children. Yet touch is as necessary as food or water for young children to thrive and grow physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Experiences of touch in all its forms whether nurturing touch from adults, tactile explorations of the environment, or physical interactions with peers are essential to high-quality early care and education.

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Why Fathers Count (2006)

by Sean E Brotherson (Editor), Joseph M White (Editor)

An anthology (27 articles) dealing with the most important work men ever do?-being totally involved in the lives of their children and families. It is men's strengths, their capacity to care and protect and give, that are needed by children, women, and men themselves. Bryan G. Nelson (MenTeach) contributed Chapter 19 - Men Teaching and Working with Children: A History and a Future.

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