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Cascade Childrens' Music

Bruce Sheppard

Bruce Sheppard has been singing and playing music in his early childhood education classes for over 30 years. Parents were always asking him for a recording so he has finally done it. Filled with traditional and "special" versions of popular children's songs, this CD will quickly become a favorite in the classroom, the home, or on those long road trips.

Price: $10

Working with Fathers: Methods and Perspectives

Working with Fathers cover
Minnesota Fathers' Alliance

One of the first curriculum for men and women who work with fathers. A great resource for those that want information and activities to use with dads from every community.

A collection of articles by various authors. How to work with single-parent fathers, women facilitators, activities to use with fathers and their children.

Price: $19

MenTeach Organizing Manual

Bryan G. Nelson

A 16-page manual to assist in coordinating a MenTeach retreat. This is a great tool developed based on 20 years of experience in hosting retreats. Avoid all the mistakes we made to organize your own successful retreat!

Price: $10

Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker

$2 if you only order 10 or fewer (plus postage/packaging)

If you want more than 10 bumper stickers e-mail us for pricing.

Price: $2