Professional Caregiving Men find Meaning and Pride in their Work, But Face Stigma

By Brigid Schulte, Emily Hallgren, Roselyn Miller
As automation and artificial intelligence rapidly reshape the nature of work, caring professions, which require warmth, empathy and human interaction, are among the fastest growing and most future-proof jobs.

Man-Up receives additional funding

The enormity of the data that suggests a need for more effective male teachers of color in our schools is the propeller behind this movement.

As the founder of Man Up, this movement reflects my personal life experiences. As an African American elementary teacher, I was often one of a handful of male teachers in the building. I was often assigned the most difficult students who were usually male students with behavior problems.

Darrion Cockrell went from gang member to Missouri's 2020 teacher of the year

By Katie Kindelanvia - Good Morning America
Darrion Cockrell credits his teachers with saving his life when he was a young gang member in St. Louis, Missouri.

This year, the 34-year-old elementary school physical education teacher who works in Crestwood, Missouri, was named Missouri's 2021 Teacher of the Year.

Job Opening: Part Time Preschool Teacher

Job Opening - Part Time Preschool Teacher

MenTeach E-News - December 2020

MenTeach E-News
December 2020

1) Black man named Texas Teacher of the Year for first time: 'I'm not the first to deserve it'
2) Number of male school teachers in Bolton [England] drops
3) Number of male teachers in England drops
4) Do we really need teachers to be male role models?
5) Alabama A&M incentivizes future male minority teachers with 2 years tuition
6) Anti-Racist Educators in Texas are Building a Movement. It's Time for Our Colleagues to Get on Board
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