Parents want more male primary teachers

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Call for male primary teachersMale primary teacher working with students

A drive to recruit more male primary teachers in England is being launched by the Training and Development Agency for Schools.

The TDA is trying to redress the gender imbalance in the profession at primary school level.

I want to teach elementary school

by Mordecai Goldstein

Dear Mr. Nelson,

I have just received my AA transfer degree from Edmonds Community College in the state of Washington (3.56 GPA) and on the 19th of this month I'll be starting on a degree in elementary education at Western Washington University's Woodring College of Education.

Second career in teaching

by Robin Shaffer, RDHAP
Dear MenTeach,

I have just visited your website and I totally support your idea to recruit more men into teaching. I work in public health in elementary schools and see kindergarden teachers in action. It was strange to see at first but the male teachers I've seen have a different teaching style. They seem to have a calm style and a well-behaved classroom. They are supportive of the children without being overly nurturant. The children seem to respect the teacher and he treats them with respect and in a more straight-foreward manner.

Male director hiring male teachers in Australia

by Craig D'Arcy - Australia
I am a male Director of a long day care centre. It is being built at the moment and will be operating in 8 weeks. I'll be looking to employ one or two male workers as part of a team of ten. In the Australian context, this will be fairly innovative to have a few male workers together. I've worked in early childhood services for 14 years, never working or studying with another male.

The man who became a school

by Dr. Marcia S. Popp, Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education, retired
I have read your website with great interest, having written a book [The Man Who Became a School, (2004)] about the career of a man who devoted his entire career to being a teacher and principal at a small, rural school in Southern Illinois.
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