This teacher is no ordinary Joe

By Jessica Garrison - Los Angeles Times
Rafe Esquith's classroom is dingy and cluttered, but it hardly matters. Within seconds inside it, it becomes clear why Esquith has been anointed as one of those magical teachers who propels his poor, immigrant students to impossible heights.

A New University Course: Men In Education and the Male Teacher

We have been in touch in the past and it has been quite some time, several months perhaps, since our last correspondence. Things have nonetheless picked up in my work for the issue of male teachers and I wanted to update you on a project of mine.

Boy, what a difference

By Moira MacDonald -

Marks are up, misbehaving is down when girls aren't in the classroom

She was a kind-faced principal, on the verge of retirement and clearly loved kids. I was visiting her for a story about crumbling school buildings. We'd finished the tour of her school and were chatting on the bench outside her office, the same one the misbehaving students (mostly boys) sat on.

She leaned toward me and said, "You know, the schools aren't made for boys, they're made for girls."

A Young Boy's Desire To Be A Teacher

My son is 11years old & in the 5th grade. He is currently working on his "Career Museum" project and we really appreciated the editorial from 10/5/05. Do you have any more current statistics regarding the percentage of men teachers, especially in primary education?

My son has wanted to be a teacher since Kindergarten. His best teacher to date was his male Kindergarten teacher. He has related very well to both male teachers he has had in his school life.

A Report about - A National Symposium – Men in the Lives of Young Children

by Don Piburn, Chattahoochee Technical College (CTC), National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) – Men in Education Network (M.E.N.) and the Child Care Information Exchange held A National Symposium – Men in the Lives of Young Children on Wednesday, November 9, 2006 as a pre-conference session at the annual NAEYC National Conference.
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