Be a television Star!

by Gregory Uba
I have a contact with KCET that is looking for family child care providers to be part of a nation-wide early care and education show that has been successful in california... you can nominate a Family Child Care provider from your community, it is no longer limited to california!

I wanted to put it out there to the men first!

The program has welcomed men - CAEYC board member Moises Roman is a featured curriculum expert.

I, Gregory Uba from Beach Cities AEYC, have appeared several times. 

Here's the scoop...


Male teachers reach 40-year low

by Ernst Lamothe Jr. - Rochester, NY, USA
Jonathan Meyers leans against an open doorway five minutes before the bell rings, greeting students with high-fives and hugs.

Kids are lively, talkative and sweaty from taking off layers of winter clothing. Meyers is getting ready to teach his third-grade class at Chestnut Ridge Elementary School in Chili. But it's a career path that few men are following.

Men make up less than 10 percent of elementary school teachers nationwide, and the total number of male teachers now stands at a 40-year low, according to the National Education Association.

Our Voice, "More Black Male Teachers Needed"

Wilmington Journal Editorial Staff - Wilmington, DE, USA
Little Billy and Suzy attend kindergarten at the local elementary school. They don't have very many male teachers around to give them a different perspective on the world, but at least they have Ms. Purpinski. In fact, little Suzy and Ms. Purpinski have something in common - they both have blonde hair and love to sing.

They get along fine.

Billy is a boy, but Ms. Purpinski encourages him to run around, play on the playground equipment, and when he falls down and hurts his knee, she cradles him in her arms and wipes away the tears.

We shouldn't have to make men feel guilty about working with children

by Lydia Lovric, Special to The Province - Canada
Now, more than ever before, men are hesitant to enter the teaching profession because they fear others will view them as potential pedophiles.

"We get so hysterical about the slightest suggestion of contact between male teachers and their charges . . . that men are reluctant to teach at the elementary school level," suggests Boris Johnson, a British author and politician.

Male Teachers in Short Supply - Does it Matter?

by Christopher Quirk - Gilroy Dispatch
In a city where many households are without male role models, children are also facing a lack of male leadership in the classroom, as only one in four district teachers are male.The ratio is even more skewed at the elementary level, with some schools having only one or two male teachers on a staff of 20 or more educators.

The shortage of men in the classroom is a salient issue for Gilroy, where one in 12 households is female-owned and does not have a husband present. This means that about 3,550 local kids are unlikely to have a male presence at home.
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