17 Elementary School Teachers Out of 241 - That's 7%

I'm a full time graduate student at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ working on a Master's of Science in Teaching degree specializing in Elementary Education.

I'm a 30 year old male who is doing a clinical practicum in a second grade class in a poor urban district. There are no male teachers in the school which piqued my curiosity.

The county I live in presently has 17 male elementary teachers of its 241 teachers (7%). I decided to write my graduate thesis on this disproportion and how boys' test scores are affected.

From recreation administration to special education teacher

I found while looking online for some basic information about my paper and ran into the studies that you had done.

I'm a graduate student. I received a B.S. in Recreation Administration and wanted to switch before but I only needed an internship to receive my degree, so I finished that.

I changed fields into special education last year and am getting a teaching certificate within a year.

The alphabet, letter by letter, every week - #5

[MenTeach Note: We've asked a man who just finished his teaching program to write about his teaching job. We'll post each of his journal entries during the year. Post your comments here for him to read - and of course, wish him luck!]

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A man who LOVES his teaching job!

My name is Kevin and I am an Early Childhood Educator in Chicago, Illinois. I have been teaching since 1996 and I love it.

There is nothing better to me than teaching the children and listening, observing and helping each child grow, learn, and make choices. And to hear them say, "Teacher Kevin is my teacher." My dear friend that's what it's all about!

But I have had difficult times too.

The 2006 HAEYC Men in Education Network (M.E.N.) Retreat

By Don Piburn
It had only been a day since our 2006 Hawaii Association for the Education of Young Children (HAEYC) Men in Education Network (M.E.N.) retreat in collaboration with, when I realized my memory was failing. Not for what I could not recall, but for the remarkable wealth of images, feelings, stories, and ideas coursing through my mind. Clearly, sorting through my retreat experiences was going to take some time.
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