A new kindergarten teacher

by Jason Thomas

I just wanted to tell you that i really enjoy your website.

I just graduated from Eastern Michigan University and I found my first job teaching kindergarten for the fall. I cannot wait!

Jason Thomas

Mannies Are the New Mary Poppins

By Michael Y. Park - News
Britney Spears may not be setting the pop music tempo for the world right now, but Mama Federline's influence is being felt in at least one way: the sudden craze for mannies. Male nannies, that is.

Questions from a student for male elementary school teachers.

by Jeff Nelisen
I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing your site. I am an aspiring teacher in my junior year at Arizona State University. I am currently enrolled in an adolescent development class which requires a research paper. Being a 36 y/o male, I chose the topic of the role of men in early childhood education.

I have found many stats on your site as well as some of the common reasons why men may not choose this profession (pay, stereotypes, nurturing aspects, etc.). However, I was wondering if it was possible to get more personal input on questions like:

Working with infants & toddlers

by Travis
Dear MenTeach:
I'm proud of you for all that you're are doing!

We need more groups to support men in the field of teaching preschool and caregiving of young kids. I have learned for a guy to be a caregiver to infants/toddlers and teacher to preschool aged kids, that it takes time and passion to convience people that I'm a compassionate, loving person to the kids; just like a female teacher/caregiver.

Men Gather Every Year at Retreat to Learn and Play

by Bryan G. Nelson
This is an article about how to develop and coordinate a retreat for men teachers.

IN THE MORNING, in a circle on the floor, the men recite a series of children’s rhymes. Later, in the afternoon, they go outside for a rough-and-tumble game of broomball. The action resembles other winter games men play in northern climates, yet when one of the men is knocked down, all the other players stop to ask, “Hey, are you okay?” If the man says yeah, the play continues.
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