The man who became a school

by Dr. Marcia S. Popp, Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education, retired
I have read your website with great interest, having written a book [The Man Who Became a School, (2004)] about the career of a man who devoted his entire career to being a teacher and principal at a small, rural school in Southern Illinois.

Chemical industry to teaching career

by David Cincotta, Ph.D. - St. Benedict's Preparatory School, Neward, NJ
Back in 1970, while I was an undergraduate at MIT, a teacher from an elementary school in Arlington, MA called MIT and asked if someone could talk to her class about pollution. At that time, I was a freshman in a new experimental program called the Unified Science Studies Program conducted by the Educational Research Center. Students in USSP did not take classes but learned experientially. I had just completed a research project on radioactive water pollution for Ralph Nader so I was asked to give a seminar on pollution to that 3rd grade class.

Schools aren't hiring men

by Gregory S. Hay
I disagree with all the articles I have read and the State of Texas' Education Board when they say school districts do not have enough men applying for elementary school positions.

I think there are plenty of male applicants. Men generally wait till their later years before deciding to teach.

Moon Walking with Michael Jackson

by Chuck Allen, President - Twin Cities AEYC
What does Michael Jackson have to do with Early Child Education and Childcare? One would hope nothing! Unfortunately there is a darker side to this comparison. Michael Jackson is another man accused of molesting children. There seems to be an underlying fear by many members of our society that any man in ECE is potentially a threat to their child's health and safety. These beliefs seem to persist to some degree in all cultures and ethnic groups.

Editorial: Great Britain aims for five-fold increase in Men Teachers

I read an article about the British government working to invest in increasing the number of men teachers.

There has been a growing movement in other countries to increase the number of men teaching.

We've reported this happening in New Zealand and Australia. (Do a search for "male teacher")
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