I want to teach elementary school

by Mordecai Goldstein

Dear Mr. Nelson,

I have just received my AA transfer degree from Edmonds Community College in the state of Washington (3.56 GPA) and on the 19th of this month I'll be starting on a degree in elementary education at Western Washington University's Woodring College of Education.

Second career in teaching

by Robin Shaffer, RDHAP
Dear MenTeach,

I have just visited your website and I totally support your idea to recruit more men into teaching. I work in public health in elementary schools and see kindergarden teachers in action. It was strange to see at first but the male teachers I've seen have a different teaching style. They seem to have a calm style and a well-behaved classroom. They are supportive of the children without being overly nurturant. The children seem to respect the teacher and he treats them with respect and in a more straight-foreward manner.

Male director hiring male teachers in Australia

by Craig D'Arcy - Australia
I am a male Director of a long day care centre. It is being built at the moment and will be operating in 8 weeks. I'll be looking to employ one or two male workers as part of a team of ten. In the Australian context, this will be fairly innovative to have a few male workers together. I've worked in early childhood services for 14 years, never working or studying with another male.

The man who became a school

by Dr. Marcia S. Popp, Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education, retired
I have read your website with great interest, having written a book [The Man Who Became a School, (2004)] about the career of a man who devoted his entire career to being a teacher and principal at a small, rural school in Southern Illinois.

Chemical industry to teaching career

by David Cincotta, Ph.D. - St. Benedict's Preparatory School, Neward, NJ
Back in 1970, while I was an undergraduate at MIT, a teacher from an elementary school in Arlington, MA called MIT and asked if someone could talk to her class about pollution. At that time, I was a freshman in a new experimental program called the Unified Science Studies Program conducted by the Educational Research Center. Students in USSP did not take classes but learned experientially. I had just completed a research project on radioactive water pollution for Ralph Nader so I was asked to give a seminar on pollution to that 3rd grade class.
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