Moon Walking with Michael Jackson

by Chuck Allen, President - Twin Cities AEYC
What does Michael Jackson have to do with Early Child Education and Childcare? One would hope nothing! Unfortunately there is a darker side to this comparison. Michael Jackson is another man accused of molesting children. There seems to be an underlying fear by many members of our society that any man in ECE is potentially a threat to their child's health and safety. These beliefs seem to persist to some degree in all cultures and ethnic groups.

Editorial: Great Britain aims for five-fold increase in Men Teachers

I read an article about the British government working to invest in increasing the number of men teachers.

There has been a growing movement in other countries to increase the number of men teaching.

We've reported this happening in New Zealand and Australia. (Do a search for "male teacher")

Looking for a teacher's job

I am embarked on a new, second (really first) career as a teacher of children in grades K - 3 in suburban Chicago (northern), after 25 years in business. I have a new MAT and a new Early Childhood certificate (chosen instead of Illinois' K - 8 certificate because I want to teach only the youngest children) and looking for a new teaching position. I am 50 and also have an MSJ from Northwestern U. and a BA from Carleton.

How to become a certified teacher

MenTeach has been in correspondence with an organization helping people get their teacher certification. Here's what they've told me:

Earn Your Passport to Teaching

A Respected, Efficient and Cost Effective Route to Becoming a Fully Certified Teacher

Editorial: Working Together to Recruit Men To Teach

What would happen if every man that is currently teaching were to seek out any other man in his community that is also teaching? Either in early education, elementary school or high school?
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