Job Opening: Part Time Preschool Teacher

Job Opening - Part Time Preschool Teacher

MenTeach E-News - December 2020

MenTeach E-News
December 2020

1) Black man named Texas Teacher of the Year for first time: 'I'm not the first to deserve it'
2) Number of male school teachers in Bolton [England] drops
3) Number of male teachers in England drops
4) Do we really need teachers to be male role models?
5) Alabama A&M incentivizes future male minority teachers with 2 years tuition
6) Anti-Racist Educators in Texas are Building a Movement. It's Time for Our Colleagues to Get on Board

Lack of Black male teachers in Baton Rouge, LA can negatively affect Black male students

by Ezekiel Robinson - Revielle
Anthony Felder walked into his freshman year at LSU with aspirations of becoming a pediatric physical therapist. But during that year, Felder had an epiphany.

“I realized the only reason I wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist was because I wanted to teach kids how to use their limbs again,” Felder said.

The opportunity to learn how to become an educator came later during his freshman year.

New Hiring Initiative Aims To Increase Presence Of Black Male Educators In Dallas ISD

As part of an initiative aimed at recruiting teachers who represent the students they serve, Dallas ISD has hired 13 Black male professionals and put them on the path toward becoming licensed teachers who will lead classrooms next semester.

The Adjunct Teacher Dallas Residency Program is designed to recruit Black male teachers to serve in high-priority campuses.

Anti-Racist Educators in Texas are Building a Movement. It’s Time for Our Colleagues to Get on Board

by Joseph Frilot
I’ll never forget the moment when a fellow teacher, a white colleague I had worked with for years, got in my face and told me that I didn’t care about a Black male student. She did this in front of my entire class, in MY classroom.

I’ll never forget how powerless I felt in that moment, and the anger that followed.
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