Male teacher shortage affects boys who need role models

by Hollie Deese, USA TODAY Back To School magazine
For 35 years, Len Saunders has been teaching physical education to elementary school children in Montville, N.J. Personally, he knows how important a strong male role model can be and hopes he is that for his students. His own father died just months before he was born, so he depended on uncles, coaches and other men to guide him in certain  areas of his physical and mental development.

Chinese government offers free training to men who want to be preschool teachers

Global Times
Chongqing will fund the training of 77 male nursery teachers to address the gender imbalance in the municipality's kindergartens.

According to a government notice released on April 21, the 77 candidates will receive five years of free training and be given a cash allowance during this period, news portal reported Wednesday.

According to the notice, these teachers will be required to work in the kindergartens to which they are assigned for at least six years after their training ends.

Why young Latino men don't think of becoming teachers

by Gary Warth - The San Diego Union-Tribune
San Marcos High School student Brayan Reyes never thought of teaching as a career. Why would he?

Until he was in Efron Solano’s class last semester, the 16-year-old had never even seen a male Latino teacher.

“He’s the one who motivated me,” Brayan said. ​

Retiring after years of Early Childhood Service in San Diego School District

by Craig Simpson - New England
Rodney West, co-facilitator, for the NAEYC Men's Interest Forum, retired as teacher and administrator in the San Diego School District. He was among those Educators in the African American community honored with a citation from the house and senate of California.

MenTeach E-News - July 2017

MenTeach E-News
July 2017

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5) Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute Graduates 151 Teachers - almost all men
6) Male early childhood teachers almost quadruple in New Zealand - but lobbyists point to continued 'sexism'
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