2016 National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Awards

Rodney West - Champion for Men & Children Award

Wellington's Y-Men programme trying to increase the low male ECE teacher numbers

by Kris Dando -
It took a terrible affliction suffered by a sibling for Anaru Jones to find his calling in life.

The 22-year-old from Stokes Valley helps out at Tui Park Kindergarten in Linden four days a week as part of programme run by Whanau Maanaki Kindergartens.

Thoughts from the Inaugural Northern California Men and Child Care Conference

By Gregory Uba
Let me begin by apologizing for the press release-sounding language. We haven’t yet had the opportunity to collectively dive into our notes and conference evaluations and I wanted to get something out immediately.

MenTeach E-News - October 2016

MenTeach E-News
October 2016

1) Wanted: Cosla wants more men to work in nurseries across Scotland to solve staffing crisis
2) Classrooms need more male teachers, charity says
3) Ireland has far more female teachers than male in all sectors
4) Male teachers in elementaries
5) Gender stereotypes breaking down in career choices
6) Want black male role models in our schools? Hire them as teachers.
7) African-American boys less likely to be suspended if teacher is black, research reports

Maryland declares a shortage of men teacher

A new report from the Maryland State Department of Education shows seven of every eight teachers hired last year were women.

The shortage is especially egregious in special education, early childhood education and languages.

"Our undergraduate programs are not creating enough people who are interested in education," said Dana Davison, Montgomery County Public Schools Human Resources and Development. "It's our job as a school system to say we need you."
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