MenTeach E-News - September 2017

MenTeach E-News
September 2017

1) Male teachers still the minority in Western Australian schools
2) Defying assumptions but teaching with passion in India
3) The Repercussions of the Black Teacher Shortage
4) Concern for vulnerable children as proportion of male teachers drops in Australia
5) Commentary: What boys need in the classroom — a few good men
6) Teacher's Day: Sir is not in class in India
7) 2016 Winners of the NAEYC M.E.N. Interest Forum Awards

Few in number, male teachers play big role

By Allen Laman - The Herald
Dubois County doesn’t have many male elementary school teachers — a reality that is common throughout the country.

Editorial: Oh, the Places We Will Go

by Dr. Jill Klefstad - UW Stout
Another year has begun and the excitement of students returning to campus has been refreshing and hopeful. There is nothing like a break away from our daily routines to engage in purposeful reflection resulting in a rejuvenated spirit. This renewed attitude makes me wonder about the places we will go!

History Lesson: Public school teachers - Legacy of low pay and little respect

Winona Daily News Centennial Edition Nov. 20, 1955
Only women taught school in the very first years of Winona's public school history. The low pay ($20 a month) did not attract men. Secondly, women, it seems, were considered more capable of handling the difficult discipline problems which cropped up in classes composed of children of so many different ages and backgrounds.

2016 Winners of the NAEYC M.E.N. Interest Forum Awards

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Men in Education Network (M.E.N.) Interest Forum gives out two awards each year at the national conference. The first is the Champion for Men and Children Award which goes to a man, woman or organization that has made significant contribution to furthering our efforts to increase the number of men working with children. The recipient does not work directly with children.
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