Editorial: Who Do Others Say You Are?

by Hunter Black - University of Stout
Who are you to others? This question has often crossed my mind when I think about how I fit into this world.

The few. The proud. The male elementary school teachers.

by Ben Talley - Education Beat
You young men out there … so you want to do something really tough and brave, something to change the world, something adventurous, something really different?

Well, you could join the Marines, and you’d definitely do all of the above.

But you could also do “all of the above” by becoming an elementary school teacher.

I can personally vouch for the undeniable truth that all-of-the-above criteria are met in my job on a daily basis.

Can a white teacher connect with black students?

by Adam Schwartz - teacher - The Baltimore Sun
Each school year, at least one male student shares with me a version of this story: While walking — sometimes to school, sometimes to or from work — the student is stopped by police. The police officer turns out the student’s pockets, empties his book bag if he has one, demands ID, sits him on the curb and makes him wait while they check him for priors or outstanding warrants. All of this happens absent probable cause.

Gender and Power in the American Classroom

By Eboo Patel - Inside Higher Ed
I am a diversity progressive who generally thinks that men have too much power. Because that is my worldview and because I am human, I am given to confirmation bias. In other words, I will look for cases that confirm my worldview – stories of men with too much power. But confirming your worldview is the opposite of what intellectuals ought to be doing.

Alma Spikes Elementary in Pocahontas now has their first male elementary school teacher on staff

by Melanie Bednar -
Jacob Pipkin is not only the school's first male teacher, he is also serving as a mobile teacher this year.

Now the school stresses, that Pipkin is the first male teacher at Alma Spikes (K-2). There have been other male teachers when the school was part of MD Williams, with 3rd and 4th grade, but never have they had a male teacher since Alma Spikes opened as a K-2 school.

Pipkin teaches art and now rolls through the hallways with his cart, filled with everything from markers to hand sanitizer.
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