Study reports how race matters in the classroom

by Ty Tagami - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Race matters in the classroom, with black students who are exposed to a black teacher doing better in school, a new research report says.

Study: Male Teachers Are More Likely to Leave a School With a Female Principal

By Sarah Schwartz - Education Week - Teacher
Researchers at the University of Virginia and Northwestern University have found another wrinkle to add to the problem of teacher retention: Male teachers are leaving schools with female principals.

The researchers analyzed New York state teacher retention data over a 40-year period, from the 1969-79 school year through 2009-10. In total, the data set included about 650,000 teachers and about 6,400 schools.

MenTeach E-News - November 2018

MenTeach E-News
November 2018

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3) In China: Must Your Teacher Be Like You?
4) British College celebrates first male graduates in 126-year history
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8) Bemidji Area Schools might 'grow' its own teachers

Bemidji Area Schools might 'grow' its own teachers

Bemidji Area Schools leaders are considering ways to help existing staff become classroom teachers.

2018 M.E.N. Interest Forum - National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Awards

2018 NAEYC M.E.N. Interest Forum Champion for Men and Children Award
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